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The pleasure is truly ours. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge and giving advice so unreservedly.

I've been taking notes on your tips such as how to handle a class with one-third of the students unmotivated and uninterested and can be disruptive to the rest. I like the consistency and attention to detail of your teaching style - from homework written on the right top corner of the board right down to giving the page number the lesson is on. This makes it easy for students to do their revision.

The unpredictability of your method is great too as one never has a chance to get bored and has to be constantly alert. I like that you'd suddenly spring the points to recap in the middle of the next topic. Through it all it is clear that your students learning and benefiting from your class is very important to you.

As a mother, I wish my children had had but one teacher like you. As a teacher-to-be, I am grateful for having had you for a teacher for even just the four lessons.

Take care and God bless!

- Tonzah Selamat

Asian LifeSkills always brings me good and happy memories especially when you at the top is so humble, kind and generous. (I mean during our batch, we use the photocopier much too frequent and u didn't even charge us a single cent with the loads of paper used, I am one of the guilty ones sori belated apologies and, the food and laughter we have had during teabreaks; it was real fun!).

Myself, I am fine and presently studying a counselling psychology course. Tongue in cheek, I am oredi good as I have had a fairly good amount of training @ Asian LifeSkills. Perhaps when I get back to workforce hopefully in 2010, I will sure support your programmes.

Nice to know Asian LifeSkills now has a new working partner. I am sure Joseph Chee is very happy because he will not be so busy as one area of responsibilties is off his load and I am very happy for him too cos' as our ex-director; he is great, meek and very humble. He is indeed a jolly good fella.

- Daisy Khong

Hello Joseph,

I would like to let you know that I am enjoying this module! The lecturer is superb! I am enjoying his lectures, he has concrete examples, module-related jokes and never fails to clear my doubts. His lesson is very engaging although it can be real challenging!!

His ppt slides make the lesson much more understandable and clearer!

He's of great help to me! Thanks!

- Sheree

TESOL has equipped me tremendously. I've started teaching part time, 2x a week and I'm paid $40 per hour for total 90hrs Beginner module. I'm teaching workplace literacy and numeracy to adults who originated from China but they are now S'pore PR or citizen. My 1st class was enjoyable, fun and meaningful.

- Pauline Ong, Asian LifeSkills Alumnus 2008

Dear Joseph,

On behalf of the senior citizens of Bedok Radiance Seniors Activity Centre, we would like to express our sincerest thanks to you and the staff. We truly appreciate your sponsorship.

The trainee teachers that you sent to our centre are great; they are dedicated in their work. Despite the limitation of our senior citizens in picking up new knowledge, the teachers have tried various methods to educate them. Hence the lessons are conducted in a friendly and interesting manner that I believe it could only be done by professionally trained teachers.

Our senior citizens are indeed fortunate to be given the opportunity to learn from these dedicated and skillfully trained teachers.

On behalf of the management, we would like to wish Asian Life Skills Centre every success in the future undertaking.

- YM Cheong

Dear Joseph Chee:

On behalf of the students and myself we greatly appreciated the learning and knowledge transfer during the course. The experience gave us a lasting memory during our stay in the course and a passion to improve and to look forward to the International Runway of the English Language.

We thanks the staff, Nisa, Joe and Law Chin Yong for the support they provided us. We will promote the name of Asian Lifeskills centre as an excellent institute and to uphold the integrity as its standard teachers.

We had received the certification letters and thanks again.
Best wishes to the Centre for success.

- Wong Kok Tong

It was a decision which I'll never regret. Yes, I mean embarking on a journey with Asian LifeSkills Centre to pursue my "Diploma in TESOL".

The learning process was fun and interesting. Mr Joseph Ferguson was a dedicated and experienced teacher who painstakingly tried his utmost best to answer my queries. And what wonderful course mates I had. They really helped to liven up the atmosphere! I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously. It leaves me with wonderful memories and most importantly, the knowledge gained can be applied in my daily life.

The excellent customer service provided by Asian LifeSkills Centre made me feel comfortable too. Thanks to Chin Yong, who was always so patient and obliging towards my request. And Nisa, you're a great administrator too! Thanks so much for everything!

For those out there who are still unsure of your choice, think no further. Choose Asian LifeSkills Centre, and you'll never regret!

- Terence Lee

I found the programme enriching, fun and interlectually challenging. I have come to recognise that there were so many things that were taught in my school days (30 years ago!!) which have changed both in format and skills. This programme has helped me be aware of the needs for today's language learning and make it a fun experience to remember especially in a classroom setting.

The instructors methodology in teaching made it so simple, meaningful and with its easy to remember rules, fun! The classroom role plays were a plus point as they taught me the skills I needed to anticipate problems that I have and needed to iron out. I felt very confident in having to deal in the difficult issues that bothered me and the personal attention that was given where it was needed helped me to resolved those issues. They were brought out very professionally in this step by step problem solving method in dealing with these areas. 

I am more aware of my own dynamics now and fully recommend this course to anyone desiring to make English language teaching a fun classroom experience for the student of the future rather than a painful mundane subject! I thank the instructors who have made such a big difference in changing the way English should be taught......

- Sarah Cumaraswamy

The Diploma in TESOL course has been interesting and enriching. It has certainly improved my knowledge in English and helped me in my classroom management during my short teaching stint in a government school as a teacher assistant. Precious knowledge outside the course syllabus was also imparted to improve our teaching capabilities.

What made Asian LifeSkills Centre special were their devoted teacher-trainers and their friendly administrative staff. The teacher-trainers, especially Mr. Joe Ferguson, have been very helpful and patient with us, making the lessons fun. Who says learning can't be fun?

Nisa and Chin Yong has made my time in the centre very pleasant, trying their very best to meet the requests of the students in terms of extra notes & sorts, and their help in trying to search teaching assignments for the centre's graduates.

Thanks to Mr. Joseph Chee and to the diploma in helping me with my successful application to a degree in English & Literature in SIM.

I can't express enough my heartfelt appreciation to Asian LifeSkills Centre.
Thank you.

- Glen Choo


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