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Certified Teaching and Training Skills

Have you ever considered earning a decent secondary source of income while doing and sharing what you love most? Are you aware that an average trainer in Singapore earns at least $10,000 per month back in year 2009? Consider how your life could be transformed if you become that special person who is able to make a difference in the lives of the people around you, and well-liked by everyone. Yet, have you ever wondered what makes a difference between an excellent trainer who is highly sought after and a trainer who is mediocre and literally unknown?

If you wish to learn the secrets that successful trainers know about becoming a first-class presenter, this is the program that will offer you more than what you have asked for! In this certification program, you will be picking up those tools and techniques that literally all great trainers know about being the best in their field. You will be modeling those patterns of excellence that will hone you into becoming a top-notch and professional trainer of the 21st century.

Why Asian Lifeskills?
Have you ever thought of becoming an internationally-certified trainer, who is highly recognized and sought-after in the region? With a strong presence in numerous countries and over 5 years of experience in the training and human development industry, Asian Lifeskills is highly regarded as a dominant force in the region today. Since its humble beginnings in the start of the 21st century, it has grown to become a learning community hub for people from all walks of life in Asia. Offering more than 200 courses of skills training and higher education to corporate, youth and social groups, the Certified Skills Trainer program could be your stepping stone in launching an international and rewarding career.

Benefits of taking CST

  1. Internationally-recognized certificate with Asian Lifeskills
  2. Career opportunity as Trainer Associate with an international organization.
  3. Conducive learning environment with class of no more than 10 participants

Course Outline
Module 1: Getting Started

  • Introduction to the training industry
  • Roles and responsibilities of a trainer
  • Understand the Training process
  • NLP and its applications in Training
  • Anchor yourself on confidence and other positive states
  • Learn the nuts and bolts of effective public speaking

Module 2: Training preparations

  • Develop your lesson plan and training outline
  • Create your training materials
  • Feedback form
  • Room design to gain an advantage

Module 3: Increase the impact of your training

  • Teach to cater to the different learning styles of your audience
  • Master ‘Trainer’s state?to control energy of the room at will
  • Teach to the conscious and subconscious mind simultaneously
  • Use powerful linguistics to present ideas and concepts

Module 4: Tackle challenges with confidence and competence

  • Get rid of your greatest fears before they even occur
  • Take control of Q&A session
  • Deal with objections before they even arise
  • Empower others and give feedback without facing resistance

Module 5: Assessment and Presentation

  • Get rid of your greatest fears before they even occur
  • Take control of Q&A session
  • Deal with objections before they even arise
  • Empower others and give feedback without facing resistance

Practice, Presentation, Coaching, Discussion

Participants are required to prepare and deliver a 30-minutes presentation each and demonstration of his/her subject at the end of the course. They will be evaluated base on their ability to demonstrate skills and concepts they have picked up during the entire course. They will also be assessed based on their active participation in exercises whenever required during the trainings.

Certified Skills Trainer (Grading of either Distinction, Merit or Pass)

5-Days workshop (or 9 evenings)

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