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Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language

If you are at the crossroads of your career, READ THIS!

Find out how you can become a Professional English Teacher in just 1 month and be CERTIFIED to teach anywhere in the world!

Dear Friend,
If you are thinking of your next career move, please make sure that you are moving into a growing industry instead of a shrinking industry!


It's all about demand and supply. If you are in a growing industry, you have plenty of opportunities and you can command a higher income.

Here are some of the growing industries, especially in Asia.

  • Health and wellness
  • Education
  • Internet
  • Biotechnology
  • Nanotechnology
  • Leisure

Out of the whole list of growing industry, there is one NICHE that stands out from the rest. It is Teaching English!
You may think well, everyone can teach English. That's true. But not everyone is certified to teach English worldwide!
Here are some advantages of becoming an internationally certified English Teacher:

  • The demand for English Teachers is increasing, especially in Asia. Don't just take our words for it. Check out these useful websites and
  • As an internationally certified English Teacher, you can travel around the world and make good income teaching English at the same time!
  • Earn more than S$3,000 monthly when teaching English in education centres in Singapore or abroad.
  • Never be retrenched because of your age. In fact, the older you are, the more experienced you become and thus the more money you make. This is truly a lifetime career!

At Asian LifeSkills, we offer Certificate in TEFL from UK. The Cert in TEFL is recognized by Workforce Development Agency, Singapore and approved for Skills Development Funding. It is also recognized by NTUC Learning Hub, Singapore.

TESOL has equipped me tremendously. I've started teaching part time, 2x a week and I'm paid $40 per hour for total 90hrs Beginner module. I'm teaching workplace literacy and numeracy to adults who originated from China but they are now S'pore PR or citizen. My 1st class was enjoyable, fun and meaningful.

- Pauline Ong, Asian LifeSkills Alumnus 2008

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Be certified to teach English anywhere! ALS has trained more than 300 TESOL & TEFL teachers. Our students come from all over ASEAN, UK, France, USA, and Nepal.
Now, you can enjoy the same benefits, such as:

  • Be a Certified English Teacher in one month!
  • Our well qualified trainers are English language experts with Degree, Master or PhD qualifications, and experienced with international students
  • Attend classes at our convenient location within Singapore's education hub, just a few minutes walk away from Dhoby Ghaut MRT stations
  • Choose from full-time or part-time courses to suit your busy schedule
  • Make-up lessons can be arranged if you miss classes for valid reasons
  • Small class with teacher/student ratio at 1:8
  • Enjoy 0% interest free instalment scheme with credit card payment of course fees
  • Get better job opportunities and earn more than S$3,000 monthly when teaching English in schools in Singapore or abroad

Course Title & Certification
Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Awarded by the London Teacher Training College, UK – established in 1984 and internationally recognised

Course Description
This course on teaching English grammar focuses on all aspects of creating an effective grammar presentation for an English class.  By bringing together the aspects of Grammar terminology (and why it is important for both teachers and students to know), the variety of ways to present grammar, the ways to check student understanding (to find out what the students know and to make sure they understand the language being presented), ways to include grammar presentations into a lesson plan, and what errors students make and why they make them, teachers can then begin to write effective grammar presentations to suit individual English classes.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the English language
  • Understand how English language is acquired
  • Be familiar with the varieties of English
  • Know how to select and use materials to teach the English language
  • Know how to use materials and aids to teach English in the class
  • Know how to design syllabuses/curricula
  • Know how to plan lessons
  • Know how to organize and manage classes
  • Know how to teach grammar and vocabulary
  • Know how to teach receptive and productive skills

Student’s Entry Criteria

Students should preferably have the following pre-requisites:

  • Be competent speakers of English
  • Have obtained at least:
    • 3 credits in ‘O’ Levels including English Language,  
    • IELTS Band 5.5,
    • TOEFL 600, or
    • based on High School English standards from regional countries

Course Content & Duration (42 hours)

Unit Hours
Unit 1: Introduction to TEFL 3 hours
Unit 2: Grammar  3 hours
Unit 3: Teaching and Learning Grammar 3 hours
Unit 4: Teaching Vocabulary 3 hours
Unit 5: Teaching Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing 3 hours
Unit 6: Teaching Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading 3 hours
Unit 7: Materials and Aids 3 hours
Unit 8: Teaching Pronunciation 3 hours
Unit 9: Lesson Planning 3 hours
Unit 10: Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers 3 hours
Examination 3 hours
Practicum (classroom teaching practice) 9 hours
Instructor will evaluate students’ performance and results will be reflected in transcripts.

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