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Certificate in Teaching English Grammar

Course Title & Certification
Certificate in TEG (Teaching English Grammar)
Awarded by Asian LifeSkills Centre Pte Ltd, Singapore

Course Description
This course on teaching English grammar focuses on all aspects of creating an effective grammar presentation for an English class.  By bringing together the aspects of Grammar terminology (and why it is important for both teachers and students to know), the variety of ways to present grammar, the ways to check student understanding (to find out what the students know and to make sure they understand the language being presented), ways to include grammar presentations into a lesson plan, and what errors students make and why they make them, teachers can then begin to write effective grammar presentations to suit individual English classes.

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Grammar terminology and why it is important to both teachers and students
  • Know and evaluate ways of presenting grammar to a class
  • Know ways teachers to check if students already know or understand the grammar being taught
  • How to write lesson plans for Grammar
  • Understanding why students make errors and how to help

Studentís Entry Criteria

Students should preferably have the following pre-requisites:

  • Be competent speakers of English
  • Have obtained at least 3 credits in GCE ‘O’ level including English as a First Language, or equivalent qualification e.g. IELTS Band 5.5 TOEFL 500 / based on High School English standards from regional countries
  • Minimum age of students must be 17 years old

Course Content & Duration (15 hours)

Unit Hours
Unit 1 – The Language of Grammar 3 hours
Unit 2 – Presenting Grammar 3 hours
Unit 3 – Checking Student Understanding 3 hours
Unit 4 – Incorporating Grammar into Lesson Plans 3 hours
Unit 5 – Student Errors 3 hours
Teaching Practice 3 hours
Total Hours 18 hours

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