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Joseph Chee
Managing Director

Joseph brings with him close to 6 years of management experience from the civil service with exposure in human resource management, operations as well as training & development. He is creative in operational management and has a good training background that combines both the practice and theory of human resource management. His years of exposure in operation and managing staff both locally and internationally have helped him in identifying and forming a strong team.

After his bond with the civil service ended, he left and developed a keen passion for Business Development and ever since he has founded companies in the areas of Teacher Training, Enrichment Programs for Children, Corporate Training, Multimedia Training, Website Development, Branding and Marketing, as well as International Student Recruitment and Exchange Services.

Joseph has developed a strong network of overseas business partners in the region during the past few years. He adopts openness, respect for cultures and win-win strategy to foster the good relationship with the partners. Some of the partners he has been working closely with are from Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Taiwan, China, India and England.

Joseph is a mechanical engineering graduate from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

Sheikh Feroz
Executive Director(Malaysia)

Over the past 30 years, Feroz has acquired a wide range of experience from the corporate, education to community & social services sectors that transverse senior management levels to teaching/training/coaching, event management, marketing and sales to professional counselling as well as business and project consulting, particularly in the field of private education and training. A naturally gifted speaker and writer, highly fluent in both English and Malay, who breaks barriers and builds bridges and establishes an almost instantaneous rapport and goodwill with his colleagues, audiences, business associates, students and clients. He has been a Grassroots Leader and volunteer community worker and a proud father to a Scholar. A man of many interests, that includes being a poet and pro DJ/Emcee – a passion and hobby that makes money!

He holds a Specialist Diploma in Counselling and Family Education as well as a TESOL Diploma from the London Teachers' Training College, UK.

A former CEO of companies in Singapore and Malaysia, Feroz draws upon his extensive experience in both the corporate and social service sectors to bring about a realistic approach to the classroom. His ability to convey complex issues simply in an almost conversational manner has benefited his audiences wherever he has conducted talks, workshops or present papers at seminars. He is regularly invited to conduct practical counselling skills workshops at his alumni, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for their post-graduate students as well as other institutions in Malaysia. He has also conducted regular Psycho-Social & Family Life Education in schools and community clubs in Singapore for the last couple of years.

His mantra, "Life is too exciting to be boring, so give it all you got! Go at the word "GO" because the only way to move forward is to go forward…"

Willie Tan
Strategic Development Consultant

Willie has worked extensively in the area of Event Management, Training & Development, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Channel, Alliance and OEM/Private Label Management. His experience in the different roles in companies has equipped him with skills and knowledge to become an effective team player and task force leader.

Willie’s manager found him to be a competent individual and has performed well in all areas of responsibility. Apart from being an aggressive team player, he is dynamic, energetic and resourceful, and is one who maintains a positive attitude in times of crisis. He is a highly dependable, extremely focused on quality output and exhibits good teamwork. He has an excellent set of IT and business acumen skills and is able to make sound judgment. Whenever he sets his mind to do something, he is very committed and ensures the job is well done. He is also committed to life-long learning demonstrated by his quest for learning new professional skill set and taking up new challenges.


Irene Jonda
Associate Director (Middle East)

Irene is educated as a therapeutical educationalist; she also studied educational science as a long distance study. She is professional in virtual learning environments (moodle) and computer mediated communication.

Apart from having been employed by several educational institutions in Germany, she ran her own business, where she gave lectures on ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and advised as well as coached young people and adults or parents regarding ADHD. She also qualified teachers in primary and secondary schools dealing with this subject. The major part of this work was to focus on concentration improvements, time management and planning or organizational optimization. She is able to assist people in effectively handling their personal challenges and using their own potential.

Currently she is living with her family in the Emirates, in the beautiful “garden city” Al Ain, which belongs to the Emirate Abu Dhabi. She used to live in Egypt and China for several years and therefore she has developed a deep intercultural understanding.

Meanwhile Irene is working on her masters degree in e-education.

Christopher Pereira
Non-Executive Director
(Professional Development)

Christopher works with business people, professionals and managers, and teachers who want to love their jobs and excel. His experience in Teacher-Training (Academic) combined with his management experience has made him not only masterful at content delivery but also achieved mastery at building relationships and rapport. He also works with organizations that are implementing leadership development or culture change programs involving coaching.
Christopher has developed his natural listening talent and his insight into human nature to become one of the leading professional business and career coaches. He acts as a thinking-partner with his clients to uncover different perspectives, and to provide unconditional support that allows them to make dramatic changes. He is an engaging and natural facilitator experienced in drawing out the best in people.

In addition to his business, training and teaching experience, his leadership and managerial experience gives him insight into how to guide people to do their best.

Christopher has a Master Degree in Educational Leadership & Management from RMIT University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, RMIT (Australia). He has a Diploma in Psychology from University Hawaii, Diploma Training from Masters Trainer of New York, and is a trained TESOL English teacher with London Teacher Training College, UK.

Soh Cheong Hian
Non-Executive Director
(Corporate Finance)

Cheong Hian was trained as a Financial Analyst and began his career as an investment analyst for a prominent private family fund based in Singapore where he was responsible for managing family assets across Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

He has successfully helped a start up IT company to listing in Australia (1st day market cap A$103m). His role was mainly to oversee strategic positioning of the company, fund raising from US/ UK/ Australian venture capitalists, handled all investors' and investment bankers' presentations, and oversee the forex hedging as part of company's exposure to different currencies requirements.

Cheong Hian has since been actively involved in venture capital projects and has in-depth experience in derivatives, foreign currency exchange and equities. He plays a critical role in bridging the technology and business aspects of the company. Through his extensive experience in finance and information technology, he plays an important role in company's corporate finance activities and identifying strategic partners.

Cheong Hian is a finance graduate (with honours) from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore, and is CFA qualified.



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