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Asian LifeSkills expands education and training horizons in the Asian landscape - for learners and trainers to inspire and exchange relevant experiences in the application of life skills and mind tools.

Our view is that every Asian (especially in developing countries) needs to be equipped with skills that can sustain basic needs throughout life. Despite threats in the economy and environment, we impart life skills to assist individuals in applications beyond survival limits.  Our philosophy at Asian LifeSkills is based on the old adage of teaching a person to fish rather than simply giving him a fish.  

How can you participate in this journey to inspire others in your community? What is the business opportunity for you or your organisation when joining Asian LifeSkills?

Population in Asian Cities
(Reference: Thomas Brinkhoff: City Population,

Cities Population Cities Population
Singapore 4,483,900 Hanoi 2,632,087
Kuala Lumpur 1,629,400 Ho Chi Minh 5,929,479
Pinang 1,546,800 Yangon 4,090,000
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 3,131,600 Hong Kong 6,864,346
Kuching, Sarawak 2,452,800 Beijing 13,569,194
Jakarta 8,839,247 Shanghai 16,407,734
Surabaya 2,611,506 Tianjin 9,848,731
Bandung 2,288,570 Chongqing 5,087,197
Medan 2,029,797 Delhi 13,850,507
Bangkok 11,971,000 Chennai 6,560,242
Chiang Mai 11,602,000 Bangalore 5,701,456
Manila 1,660,714 Tokyo 8,736,474
Phnum Penh 1,077,853 Seoul 9,820,171
Baghdad 6,386,100 Amman 1,942,066
Ar-Riyad 5,835,613 Ankara 4,466,756
Abu Dhabi 1,559,000 Doha 370,700

Benefits of being our Franchisee (per city):

  • Asian LifeSkills is an established brand with an Asian identity.
  • Access to our good quality and well accredited courses in training and education, venues, resources and new services for exclusive marketing to corporate, schools, social groups and individual customers.  
  • Support in design & development of customised events, training and academic course packages to meet customer’s requirements.
  • Availability of our highly professional and qualified trainers, lecturers and consultants for training, teaching and consultancy services.
  • Expanding network in the Asian landscape for excellent cross-business exchanges; cross-selling and cross-referral.

We welcome Franchisee (per city) who shares our passion and purpose in imparting life skills to Asian community to participate in our life journey.      

Email your profile to us now…..Asian LifeSkills is expanding fast!



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