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Are you often overwhelmed by the selection of activities for the youth today? What are the types of activities that young Asians like to participate? Where are the good spots for conducting trainings to the youths?

If so, you've come to the right place! Asian LifeSkills provides skills trainings and organise talks, camps and events to promoting positive development in young people. We focus on empowering Asian youths and helping them develop the life skills that will allow them to share knowledge, talents and resources to enrich themselves and others. We'll also promote Asian values to the youths to help them to harvest their strength and dignity, pride and perseverance.

Listing of activities for the youths in Asia:

Schools Life Skills Talk & Workshops

Life Skills Camps Success Skills for Teens & Young Adults

Skills Talk 1

  • Climate Change & Green Technology
  • English Skills

Skills Talk 2

  • Social Media – its usage & fun
  • Financial Literacy is a Life Skill
  • “A” Memory Skills
  • Be a Confident Emcee

Asian Youth Camp (AYC) 2009/2010
Character Development + Adventure Training + Cultural Exchange @ Singapore & Bintan, Indonesia

International Study Camp
The camp will be held in National University of Singapore (NUS)

Asian Children Camp
Provide students a memorable experience in an internationally First World City environment

Believe in Yourself
Take Charge of Your Life
Team Building/Social Networking
Academic Success
Career Success

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Send us an email for enquiries on our activities or customisation of your organisation’s needs for the youths! Our friendly and committed staff will address your enquiries by next working day.

We are constantly refreshing our activities for the youths in Asia. At the same time, we invite youth groups, community organisations, progressive partners and individuals who share our passion to join us in our journey of enhancing life skills of the youths in Asia.

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