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Empowering towards Excellence and Extraordinary Results


We have been requested to submit a proposal to conduct two-day training workshop for the employees of Delphi Asia Pacific. The main training elements should be experiential activity-based learning.

Do you wish to master the skills of coaching effectively and effortlessly? Do you want to coach yourself for achieving your desired success in life? Are you interested in incorporating coaching into your existing work?

For close to 3 decades now, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has been recognized worldwide as one of the foremost tools for self- coaching and coaching others towards success in life. Through the use of NLP, you can understand the reality of how others think and can use precise language to help them achieve their desired goals. Through the use of NLP, you will be able to model after any patterns of excellence and replicate them consistently in any areas of your life.

Today, there are many successful leaders who study NLP and have used NLP coaching methods to achieve extraordinary results in life.

Packed with gaming and role-play activities, this highly participative workshop will make learning Fun, Enjoyable and Effective & have the participants Invigorated, Excited and Motivated.


At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to use NLP techniques to:

  • Produce effective and efficient results.
  • Take a pragmatic approach in solving challenges. NLP contains several simple yet powerful techniques that can be tailor-made for the management level to learn on the essence of the motivating process. It appreciates how goals, beliefs and values interact.
  • Emphasize on rapport and trust, which are the prerequisites of building any good relationship.


The training methodologies are:

  • Game activities
  • Role-play
  • Group discussion and exercise
  • Quizzes

Programme Outlines

The 2-day program outlines are provided as follows:

  1. Introduction to NLP and Motivating
    • What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?
    • Difference between coaching, teaching and mentoring
    • Understanding the importance of motivation by using Basic Coaching Principles

  2. Self-Motivating
    • How to take charge of your life through state management
    • Secrets to Unleashing your “personal best?
    • Build self-confidence and stay motivated at any given time in life
    • Using reframing techniques to turn obstacles into opportunities for growth
    • Understand the power of beliefs and adopting a set of empowering beliefs that steers you towards your desired success
    • How to model patterns of excellence and replicate them consistently in any areas of life

  3. Leading and Motivating Others Effectively and Effortlessly
    • Master powerful rapport building strategies for any good relationship
    • How to give feedback to others effectively without creating any form of resentment or unhappiness
    • Overcome your critical faculty by teaching through the use of hypnotic language patterns
    • Use Perceptual Positioning tool to help handle relationship challenges without deliberate intervention.
    • How to access and match the different motivation needs of others and influence with power
    • Draw out positive resources through the use of embedded messages in metaphors
    • Inspiring others to greatness by appealing to their higher self and values
    • Avoid the common pitfalls during coaching & motivating


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