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The Power of Influence
Do you know that your image can make or break your goals and personal effectiveness?

As Dale Carnegie said, "even before we speak, very often, we are condemned or approved."

Your image is the universal tongue that communicates, regardless of your race, language or religion. Studies have repeatedly shown that your image significantly determines how people view your capabilities, character and likeability. Many great opportunities are lost because the person did not get past the first impression.

Your image forms the basis of your influencing power. By mastering the language of image, you increase your power and boost your influence.

At the same time, being able to influence means you can increase your effect on others to help you get what you want. You can negotiate with better results, motivate your staff more effectively and persuade your clients successfully. You can even conquer difficult people and protect yourself against manipulators.

This two-day highly interactive workshop provides you a step- by-step guide to help you transform your image for greater magnetism, radiate strength and power with a commanding presence consistently, and influence with integrity to gain positive outcomes.


  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners / Sole-Proprietors
  • Directors / Managers in Public Relations / Sales / Advertising or related field that requires you to build rapport and negotiate
  • Business professionals and decision makers who want to build relationships effectively to achieve results


Learn step-by-step how to develop your desirable image and increase your power of influence. Here?s what you will gain.

  1. Approach

  2. Goal Setting
    • Define your vision and values
    • Identify your skills, talents and experience
    • Set specific and measurable goals to help you achieve results and power

    Personal Brand
    • Determine your attributes
    • Establish your personal brand
    • Promote your brand effectively

  3. Strategy

  4. Appearance
    • Create an impactful first impression
    • Learn the secret of professionals that set them apart from amateurs
    • Discover what are 9 dressing elements that can undermine your credibility
    • How do you shift from powerless to powerful dressing
    • Find out how you can look confident, sharp and distinguished at all times
    • Develop an effective wardrobe that saves you time, money and effort

    • Identify 4 critical elements of non-verbal communication
    • Learn how to use the essential behavioral techniques to your advantage

    • 4 key elements of effective communication
    • Distinguish between powerful versus powerless communication

    Influence Techniques
    • Gain insights on the power of influence
    • Determine the methods of influence
    • Employ your tools of influence to win friends
    • How do you use influence techniques to build rapport, motivate, negotiate and persuade

    Limitations, Conflicts and Criticisms
    • Understand the dynamics of strain and tension
    • Overcome conflicts, limitations and criticism while maintaining control

  5. Management
    • Develop a plan to manage your image successfully
    • What are the core elements that can undermine your success
    • How not to be influenced by manipulators
    • Maintain your charisma and influence with any one, any time, every day


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