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Asian Youth Camp

The camp, AYC welcomes students (15 years old and above) from all over Asia.  It will be held in Singapore, a leading destination for education and fun.  AYC is specially designed to provide students a memorable experience in this bustling city and its neighbouring islands.  Students will attend character development workshops and adventure training.  They will also have the opportunity to visit various attractions in Singapore and experience the culture of Asia.

After the camp, each student will be awarded with a Certificate indicating their performance undertaken during AYC.

Course Objectives

  • To develop student’s character especially in the areas of self motivation, public speaking and presentation
  • To experience culture of Asia
  • To foster stronger bonds amongst students from various Asian countries

About Asian LifeSkills

Asian LifeSkills is a learning community hub ( for people from all walks of life in Asia.  We offer more than 50 courses of skills training and higher education to corporate, youth and social groups.  We also provide consultancy services and organize camps and events.

At Asian LifeSkills, we select and present our courses with passion and purpose.  Our passion is training and education, and our purpose is to awaken in our members a sense of the New Asian identity, and of each individual’s privilege to live a more meaningful life. 

With its head office in Singapore, Asian LifeSkills has branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

AYC Synopsis
Our unique character development program involves self motivation, public speaking and presentation skills.  It seeks to give all students an ‘experiential learning’ experience.  Students will put learning into practice in situations to build real world experiences, experiences that have both benefits and consequences.  Students are encouraged to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves, instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others.  

What is personal mastery? It’s that powerful inner force that tells you to never give up, never look back and never settle for less than you know you deserve.  Even in tough times, you can take control of your life and learn ways to thrive, not just survive.  Personal Mastery will help the students to build the momentum they needs in order to create explosive, lasting change in the areas of their life that matter most.

Public speaking is so dynamic with the style of speaking changing according to the times and needs of the listeners. Every speaker is different, and even the listeners are different.  They vary from culture to culture, from country to country.  Students will learn that the more they speak the better they are, provided they receive feedback instantly from someone who is knowledgeable in oral communication. Eventually the students will develop their own style of presentation and people will identify them with that unique style of theirs.

The essential skills for students taking project work in schools will include use of voice (enunciation, tonality, articulation and pacing), fluency and clarity of speech, awareness of audience, body language and ability to answer questions on the spot.  Students will be coached in small groups to craft their presentation from their written report. 

Themes of our adventure training program typically address:
Character-building; Leadership; team bonding; survival; ruggedness and adventure; self-esteem and self-confidence; appreciation of (marine) nature and local culture; programs incorporating Asian history, economy and culture.

Photos courtesy of Loola Adventure Resort

Training Venues & Places of Attractions

The workshops will be conducted at Venues Asia @ My Art Space, Singapore and for the adventure training in Venues Asia @ Loola, Bintan.


The AYC will be held over a period of 8 days during the school holidays.
Dates are to be arranged by the local organiser.


Day 1 – Students arrive at airport in Singapore and  proceed to their lodging, followed by a Welcome Dinner. 
Days 2 & 3  – The workshops on self-motivation, public speaking and presentation skills will take place.   
Day 4 – Participants depart to resort at Bintan via ferry. 
Days 5 & 6  – Adventure training at Venues Asia @ Loola. Participants return back to Singapore.   
Day 7 – City tour and visit places of attractions in Singapore, followed by a Farewell Dinner. 
Day 8 – Participants depart from Singapore.


Participants will stay at a student hostel in Singapore and the resort of Venues Asia @ Loola in Bintan, Indonesia.


Transport will be arranged to ferry the participants to and from Changi International Airport and to all intended places for the duration of the camp.  Air tickets can be arranged by our associate travel agency upon request.


Meals will be provided for the 8 days.  Welcome & Farewell dinners are included on Days 1 & 7 respectively. 


Participants are advised to have their own insurance.  Travel insurance will be provided upon request.

Total Fees

S$1,280 per participant (minimum 20 participants)
(fees exclude air tickets & travel insurance)  

For enquiries or to make bookings, pls contact: or Jason (65) 8168 4882.

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