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Basic Project Management

Plant the seeds of success for your future projects by understanding the fundamental principles and methods of project management. Endow yourself with the right mental framework to structure projects and a wealth of tools that you can use to steer towards successful outcomes.

The Project Management Foundation (PMF) course equips you with the capability to breakdown complex projects into simpler structures, execute within time and cost constraints, and influence the stakeholders to maximize project success and ultimately, your personal satisfaction in any organization. This course is adapted from the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). It spans the entire project life cycle and incorporates the project management best practices that can be applied across industries. Benefit from the learning experiences of our practical case-studies and handson exercises so that you can apply them immediately to your career and personal life.

The Project Management Foundation course will widen your project management horizon and provide you with the means to enhance your life-long learning of project management.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Project Management
    1. Definition of a project
    2. Project management methodology
    3. Project management and life cycles
  2. Defining and Organizing the Project
    1. Setting up the project organisation
    2. Setting the project parameters
    3. roles and responsibilities
    4. importance of communicating well
    5. best practices
  3. Planning the Project
    1. work breakdown structure (WBS)
    2. WBS dependency analysis
    3. project timeline estimation
    4. resource requirement assessment
    5. project risk analysis
    6. contingency and fallback planning
    7. transition to project execution and control
  4. Executing and Controlling the Project
    1. collecting task status information
    2. variance analysis
    3. executing the project WBS
    4. managing changes
    5. reporting project progress
  5. Closing the Project
    1. communicating project completion
    2. closure documentation
    3. post-implementation analysis

Total course contact hours: 14 hours.

Who are we
We are a team of PMP® certified and practicing project managers who are ready to offer our expertise in Project Management to you.

At Project Management Partner, we recognize that the organisational habit of successful projects can be achieved through sound project management practices. We can help your organisation optimize the returns for your project investments through effective project management training and coaching. We also believe in value-adding to individuals by helping them achieve the right mindset and certification to embark on the path of becoming better Project Managers.

Our Services
Project Management Certification Coaching
We provide the training and coaching of individuals who aspire to become more effective Project Managers. Aside from inculcating good project management principles, we advocate that PMs should strive for project management certification:

Customized Project Management Coaching
We provide customized project management skills training to individuals and organisations who prefer to focus either on a specific project management area or develop an overall appreciation of the key principles for practical project management purpose.

Project Management Consultancy
At PM Partner, we have the competency and capability to help you set up your project management methodology based on PMI’s™ project management body of knowledge. We would be able to work with you to establish the necessary processes and workflow to facilitate your organisation in maximizing project success.

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