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Individual Business Owner

The proposal comprises the provision of an application-based Individual Business Owner Programme for youth and adults keen to understand the basic of business before venturing into one.

Course Objectives

  • To help develop the basic skill sets in business.
  • To enable participants to apply the concepts immediately through application based activities.

Suitable For

Youth - Students, Undergraduates & Graduates.
Adults - Working people keen on pursuing business.
- Those considering a career switch.
- Retrenched staff wanting to try their hand in business.
- Retirees who want to consider business in retirement.
- Existing business owners who wish to hone their skills
Gender - Suitable for both Genders

Programme Outline and Methodology

What is the programme about?
  • Participants will learn the key elements in business, directing their focus to important aspects of business namely the concept of customer identification and retention, financial management the IBO way, risk management the IBO way, etc etc.
  • Designed for the youth or adult who is just making his/her first steps in giving business a try.  The concepts taught is application driven. Students will be required to apply, test and improve their business ideas making it viable and sustainable when the ideas are being put to practice.
  • Designed to challenge participant’s basic business sense, the IBO Programme will very much challenge participants’ ideas and business acumen thus honing their skills in identifying the most viable business suitable for their individual

What is application based learning?

  • Application based learning is based on the idea of being able to apply the concepts learnt to ones daily needs.
  • More interactive, engaging & practical based.
  • Group and experience sharing rather than individual learning

Why this programme?

  • We focus on concepts and application
  • Participants will enjoy lessons that involves group activities – interaction with one another, provides the opportunity to verbalise the understanding of concepts
Click here to see the Programme Summary.

Programme Details

  1. Doing Business the IBO Way (Free Workshop - 1 hr)
  2. Basic Module (Full day – 8 hrs)
  3. Add-On Modules
    • Knowing Your Customers (4 hours)
    • FM Strategies (4 hours)
    • Art Of Guerilla Marketing (4 hours)
    • Operational Strategies the IBO Way (4 hours)
    • Your Business Quotients (4 hours)
    • On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!!! (4 hours)
    • Relook & Restrategies (4 hours)
  • Classroom Size of 15 -30 students per workshop.
  • All lessons will be conducted in the classrooms.
  • Schedule of lessons will be as requested, starting on date which is to be confirmed.

Click here to see the Programme Summary.

Courseware and Training Materials
The lesson materials will be made available and will make the necessary copies of the handouts to be distributed to the students.

Continuity Programmes
So as not to be seen as a touch-and-go programme, the continuance of the IBO Programme will be followed by the IBO Round Table Programme. Should the center be keen to offer this service to the participants, a product brief will be provided.

Programme Summary



Learning Objectives



  Doing Business the            IBO WAY
  • 4 Phases of Business
  • What is Business Sense
  • The IBO Way
  Basic Module
  • Good Business Sense
  • CIR in Business Sense
  • Marketing Strategies the IBO Way
  • Risk Management (RM) the IBO Way
  • Financial Management (FM) the IBO Way
8 hrs
  Knowing Your Customers
  • Goods & Services
  • Target Customers
  • Market Segment
  • Revenue Stream
4 hrs
  Financial Management
  • BK Strategies
  • PC Strategies
  • FP Strategies
  • Capital Preservation
4 hrs
  Art of Guerilla Marketing
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Leveraging
  • Values
  • COM
4 hrs
  Operational Strategies the IBO Way
  • MCS
  • OuS
  • MPW
  • MC
4 hrs
  Your Business Quotient
  • Physical Quotient
  • Mental Quotient
  • Emotional Quotient
  • Spiritual Quotient
4 hrs
  On Your Mark,
Get Set, Go
  • MASD
  • SWOT
  • Roadmap
  • Sales Targeting
4 hrs
  Relook & Restrategies
  • Good & Bad
  • Do a Kaizen
  • Re-Mapping
  • Re-targeting
4 hrs
  • Tutorial Session
4 hrs



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