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Certified Customer Service Manager (CCSM) Programme

Course Outline

Day 1

Introduction to Service Leadership

  • Why Service? Why Bother?
  • 4 Quadrants Role of Customer Service Managers and Service Leaders
  • Let’s Learn from Best-Practice Service Leaders

6 Key Core Competencies for Effective Customer Service Management

  • Customer Commitment Self-Assessment profiling
  • Group Discussion
Delivering Customer Value (CV) Through Customer-Centricity
  • What is Customer Value (CV)?
  • Total Quality and Customer Focus
  • Creating Value
    • The Service Triangle
    • Your Customer Value (CV) package
    • Cycles of Value (Moments –of-Truths)

Know Your Customer

  • The Platinum Rule vs the Golden Rule
  • The 7 Sins of Service
  • The Customer Bill of Right
  • The Stairway to Customer Value (CV)

Empower People to Deliver Customer Value (CV)

  • Use all the Brain Power available
  • Putting Quality into Work Life (QWL)
  • The Leader as Servant

Hiring and Retaining the Best

  • Behavioural & Character-Based Interviewing Technique

Hiring and Retaining the Best

  • The CIA Concept: Connect, Invest, Appreciate

Day 2

8 Key Core Competencies for Leadership Effectiveness

  • Leadership Effectiveness Self-Assessment profiling
  • Group Discussion

Nurture the Service Culture

  • Designing an effective Learning & Development structure to ensure sustainable service delivery: Building a High Performance Service Organisation (BHPSO) Roadmap
  • 6 Basic Driving Values

Design and Align the Service Systems

  • Create Seamless Service Systems
  • Basics of Lean Six Sigma for Service (LSSS) to improve Services and Transactions

Effective Communicational Skills for Managers and Leaders

  • The 8 Golden Rules
  • Courage to Coach: Managing and Winning Over Difficult Employees

Effective Service-Based Performance Appraisal

  • 6 Golden Rules

Loyal for Life: Service Recovery Strategy

  • Economics of Service Recovery
  • Customers’ Lifecycle
  • Behaviour of Unhappy Customers
  • Magical Power of Service Recovery
  • Complaints Management Framework
  • Complaint Management Standards and Quality Indicator
  • Determining Complaint Management Index (CMI)

Day 3

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Achieving Excellence in Customer Management

CRM is a holistic strategic approach to managing customer relationships, to increase shareholder and customer value, that is the central premise of CRM. This module will give an overview of the key concepts in this vital field. It is about achieving a total understanding of the concepts that underlie successful CRM rather than the plethora of systems that can be used to implement it.

CRM at its best is the successful acquisition and retention of profitable customers and this demands a firmly grounded strategic grasp of the business and its markets, allied to the powerful data management system s and channels that connect them.

Introduction to CRM

  • The origins, rise and role of CRM
  • Types of CRM Models

A Strategic Framework of CRM

  • Payne’s CRM Model
  • The need for CRM Strategic Framework
  • 5 Cross-functional CRM processes
    • The Strategic Development Process
    • The Value Creation Process
    • The Multi-channel Integration Process
    • The Information Management Process
    • The Performance Assessment Process

Organising for CRM Implementation

  • CRM Readiness and Maturity Assessment
  • Identifying Barriers to CRM Success
  • Framework for Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Employee Engagement

Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action: Driving Change and Transformation Initiatives

The aim of this course is to develop leaders who understand strategic customer service and clearly the previous modules focus primarily on developing the strategies required to create the environment where desired customer service outcomes are delivered.

This final module, however, examines what happens when the rubber hits the road—how your strategies can be implemented in the real world and what tools are required to take the customer service policy from the vision and mission statements to the frontline.

Why Customer Efforts Fail?

  • Just Mediocrity
  • Understanding the Power Core
  • Dueling Silos: Competing metrics, mechanics and motivation

Wrestling with Customer Leadership

  • Leadership: Real Passion or Just Showtime
  • Guerrilla Metric
  • Setting Customer Accountability Targets
  • Reality Check Audit

Driving Change towards Customer- Centricity

  • Structures for Driving Change
  • The 8 Steps Process of Successful Change
  • Role of Thinking and Feeling


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