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Change Management

Asian LifeSkills (ALS) is a learning community hub ( for people from all walks of life in Asia. We offer more than 50 courses of skills training and higher education to corporate, youth and social group. We also offer consultancy services and organise camps and events.

Goals and Outcome of the Workshop
At the end of the Workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the need for change and the nature of change
  • Understand the driving forces for change
  • Adopt the right strategies for change
  • Utilize the appropriate tools to facilitate change
  • Plan and launch the change programme
  • Obtain participation of leaders/managers and staff
  • Lead and managing the change process successfully
  • Handle the Emotional Dimension
  • Deal with resistance to change
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Deal with power issues
  • Train and coach staff
  • Communicate effectively
  • Monitor and assess the effectiveness of the change processes

Training Methodology
The Workshop is designed to include varieties of instructional methods such as:

  • Mini-lectures – Dynamic & Highly Engaging Presentation
  • Demonstrations of Techniques
  • Experiential Learning
  • Fun & Objective-Oriented Games
  • Strategic Discussions
  • Group & Partner Experience Sharing & Brainstorming
  • Role plays
  • Skill-building Exercises
  • Relevant & Practical Case Studies
  • Video Presentations

Programme Outline

Day 1

Module 1 – Organisational Change

  • The role and influence of change
  • Driving forces of change
  • Need for change
  • Dimensions of change

Module 2 – Strategy for Organizational Change

  • Role of vision
  • Nature of vision
  • Developing the vision
  • Analyzing the obstacles of change process
  • Taking advantage of available resources
  • Defining and facilitating the change agents
  • Mobilize the organization for change

Day 2

Module 3 – Tools for Change Management

  • Models of the Change Process
  • Needs assessment
  • Operational SWOT analysis
  • PDCA
  • AIDA
  • Outsourcing consultant
  • Conflict Management

Module 4 – Making Plan for Change

  • Logical breakdown of the change process
  • Making plan and implementing action
  • Encourage participation and support
  • Allocation of sufficient and appropriate resources

Day 3

Module 5 – Measuring the Change

  • Measuring Objectives and assess the effectiveness of the change processes
  • Handle the Emotional Dimension
  • Deal with resistance to change
  • Deal with power issues
  • Communicate effectively

Module 6 – Making Action Plan

  • Implementing change
  • Launching the change
  • Testing and adjusting
  • General application and monitoring
  • System implementation
  • Train and coach staff
  • Effective time management

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