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Customer Service Trainer

Course Outline
In today’s intensely competitive business environment, breakthrough customer service gives an organisation the last strategic edge. Selling more products or providing the lowest price are quick fixes, easily copied by competitors. We need a new strategy, one that builds on a strong foundation of fundamentals yet creates that degree of differentiation that leads to long-term success. The organisation must be transformed. The answer is customer service.

Best-practice service leaders such as Nordstrom, Walt Disney, Ritz-Carlton and DHL do not want customers to be surprised when they get good service. It’s not good enough. Instead, they work hard to ensure that every moment of truth or interface point with a customer creates a good impression. They achieve this by making sure that each person who serves customers directly and each person on the internal staff who serves the frontline staff is competent in a range of important skills.

It is here that the Trainers, whether in-house or external, come into the picture. In the service industry, the Trainers’ role is to ensure that every trainee acquires the service skills or competencies critical to the business. However, Trainers particularly in the service industry do have to face a big challenge because customer service enhancement is not a small task and the spirit of customer service  excellence is not “taught but caught”. Therefore, not only should Trainers for the service industry be well-trained,  they have to be a “living role model” exuding a strong passion for service excellence. It is not a small task but guaranteed to be rewarding!

This programme is designed to impart not only skills and knowledge in the area of customer service training, but also help develop within each participant the ability to communicate persuasively and inspire others to action.

Who should attend

  • “Non-trainers” from the service industry who may need to conduct training occasionally and thus eager to learn the necessary skills in training and development
  • Supervisors or Managers who believe that they need to demonstrate service leadership in their daily work
  • Seasoned customer service trainers who need a refresher course and to update their training skills
  • Seasoned generalist trainers who wish to put more emphasis on customer service training
  • Ambitious people who desire to start a new profession as a Customer Service Trainer and make more money than before

Why You Cannot Miss This Course
Besides being Certified as a Customer Service Trainer by the Centre for Customer Care Pte Ltd, you will also acquire the following skills and knowledge to excel:

  • Learn to impart knowledge, train skills and inspire action
  • Apply the 90/20/8 rule to your development (and see why television has been using this process for years)
  • Reinvent content delivery—and discover the amazing impact it will have on your participants.
  • Simple steps for going from nervous to natural – in seconds
  • Eliminate tension and break preoccupation by creating powerful programme openers that relate to the content.
  • Learn the 25 Deadly Sins that can kill your presentations.
  • Use effective handouts, videos, overheads and props
  • Learn ways to energise your participants
  • Use the power of personal experience to increase credibility and compel attention.
  • Learn how to conduct Post-Training Evaluation for training effectiveness and Return-on-Investment (ROI)
  • Most of all, learn to deliver CCC’s FEELINGS Customer Service programme.

Course Overview
Day 1
The Challenges of a Trainer in the Service Industry

  • High turnover of staff
  • Change of employee’s mindset towards customer & customer service
  • Lack of specialised skills on the part of trainer

Laws of Adult Learning (LAL)

  • 5 Laws of Adult Learning
  • 7 Subconscious Desires of Your Audience
  • 5 Fundamental Stages of Learning
  • 3 Basic Principles of Motivation
  • 5 Ways to Kill Motivation
  • Ways to motivate Adult Learners

Before Presentation – Preparation for Training

  • Rationale for Training – Performance Solution Cube
  • 8 Steps to Effective Training Design
  • Applying the 90/20/8 Rule
  • How to use mind mapping to reduce development time 25–50%
  • “Chunking” your content using the CPR method
  • Use A.I.D.A Formula in developing your presentation - Attention/Interest/Desire/Action

Visual Aids

  • Why visual aids?
  • Types of visual aids and selection criteria

Preparing the Learning Environment

  • 3 key considerations for any room arrangement
  • 4 characteristics of an ideal training room and what to do when the room is less than ideal
Day 2
Beginning Your Presentation
  • 5 Secret Steps for Going from Nervous to Natural
  • Secrets of creating a great first 3 minutes
    • Show respect and build rapport
      • * The 12 Commandments
    • Grab audience attention
      • * 5 Sure Ways to Kill Your Opening
  • Set the right tone
  • Exceeding Expectations
The Body of Your Presentation
  • Keeping their Attention
  • Basics for Group Involvement
  • The A.D.A Approach for group involvement activities
  • Making sure content is well taught
    • Experience Theory Awareness (ETA)
    • Experience Awareness Theory (EAT)
    • Theory Experience Awareness (TEA)
  • Dealing with difficult participants

Closing the Presentation

  • Summarising
  • Close it Right!

Beware of the 22 Deadly Sins

Day 3

  • Self-Assessment – 7 Customer Service Skills Competencies
  • Why Service?
  • The Service Foundation: 5 Service Principles
  • The 6 Steps on the Stairway to Success: Motivation to Excel in Work and Life
  • Think Like the Customer, Act Like the Owner
  • The Customer Experience and Cycle of Customer Value: Moments of Truth (MOT)
  • Delivering the BASIC Service
  • WOW! ….Beyond Basics
  • You are your Organisation: Your PR Role
  • Positive Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • The Power of Service Recovery
  • Handling Complaints Effectively
  • Internal Partnership and Cooperation
  • Conflicts Resolution and Utilisation – Taming the Tiger
  • Customer Service: A Race without a Finish Line

Day 4
It’s SHOW Time! Practice Training

  • Putting yourself at ease before Training
  • Final preparation for the Practice Training
  • Exercise: Practice Training by each participant
    (Assessment to be conducted by the Workshop Leader and fellow participants)

Evaluating Training

  • Evaluating Training
  • Benefits of Course Evaluation Data
  • Evaluation Levels
    • Reaction Level Evaluation
    • Learning Level Evaluation
  • Data Collection Methods
  • Evaluation Steps
  • Tips for conducting evaluations


  • Applying the 7 Laws of Learning
  • Award Presentation

Training Venue
VENUES ASIA @ My Art Space
21, Tanjong Pagar Road, #04-01, Singapore 088444

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