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Effective Project Management

This course is designed with a practical approach to effectively plan and manage projects.
The course will cover the five project management processes outlined in the PMBOK
through a case study, emphasizing on Scope management, Time management, and Cost
management. At the end of the course, the students will be able to:

  • understand the project management processes
  • develop a project management plan,
  • applying the SMART technique to define good scope statements,
  • create the WBS,
  • manually draw the network diagram and identify the critical paths,
  • estimate the activity duration,
  • develop the project schedule,
  • estimate the project budget,
  • managing change,
  • track project progress and status,
  • Closing the project.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to Project Management
    1. Definition of Project and Project Management
    2. Distinguish between a Project and Operations work.
    3. Project and the Triple Constraints
    4. The 5 Project Management processes.
    5. The 9 Project Management knowledge areas.
  2. Initiating the Project
    1. Developing the Project Charter
      1. Project Definition Report
      2. Project Initiation Form
      3. Kick off meeting etc
    2. Developing the Preliminary Scope Statement
  3. Planning the Project
    1. Develop the Project Management Plan
    2. Scope planning
    3. Scope definition
      1. Using SMART to get a well-defined scope.
    4. Create WBS
    5. Activity definition
    6. Activity sequencing
      3.7. Activity resource estimating
    7. Activity duration estimating
    8. Schedule development
    9. Cost estimating
    10. Cost budgeting
  4. Executing the Project
    1. Direct and Manage Project Execution
  5. Managing and Controlling the Project
    1. Monitor and control project work
    2. Integrated change control
      1. Managing changes
      2. Change requests
    3. Scope verification
    4. Scope control
    5. Schedule control
    6. Cost control
      1. Earned Value Management
  6. Closing the Project
    1. Ensure all deliverables are completed
    2. Finalize all contractual commitments
    3. Transfer responsibilities
    4. Reassign/release resources
    5. Closing the project books
    6. Documenting lessons learn

Target audience:
Project managers, project leaders, project stakeholders.

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