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English for IT

English for IT (EIT) is a focused English language course written specifically for IT workers who are already into their careers or just about to embark. As their other language, they are using English in their workplaces but intend to improve it further to increase their work effectiveness and productivity. It is our vision that eventually, higher English competency will contribute to their career advancement, locally or in other countries.

EIT was designed to upgrade English communication skills in the course of everyday work in the workplace. Upon successful completion of this course, the student is expected to:

  • be more intelligible, fluent and confident in using English (listening, speaking, reading, writing) by simulating common communication situations in the IT workplace
  • learn applicable discourse structures, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • learn of ways of continuing to improve one’s English and of the vast learning resources readily available

COURSE CONTENT & DURATION (21 hours, 1.5 hours per lesson)
Pre-course Assessment

Module 1:                    Introduction

Day 1
  • Reviewing the English language
  • Reviewing pronunciation

Day 2

  • Reviewing vocabulary

Day 3

  • Common jobs and roles in IT

Module 2:                    Communicating with the Manager

Day 3
  • Receiving instructions

Day 4

  • Asking for clarifications

Day 5

  • Explaining the work plan
  • Explaining alternative solutions

Day 6

  • Updating on work progress

Day 7

  • Explaining issues and problems
  • Presenting results

Module 3:                    Communicating with Colleagues

Day 8
  • Requesting and providing information
  • Teaching and training

Day 9

  • Coordinating tasks

Module 4:                    Communicating with Users

Day 10
  • Receiving a support call
  • Explaining what is or not workable

Day 11

  • Giving a demo

Module 5:                    Communicating with Help Desk, Technical Support Staff and Vendors

Day 12
  • Reporting a system incident
  • Following-up incident calls

Day 13

  • Validating the output


Day 14

  • Revision
  • Continuing English improvement

Post-course Assessment

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