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English for IELTS

IELTS is the International Language Testing System that measure a person’s ability to communicate in English across all four languages skills – Listening, reading, writing and speaking to study or work where English is the main language of communication. It is the preferred test of English for those who intend to study in USA, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Ireland etc countries.

It is jointly managed by Cambridge University, British Council & IDP Australia. It conforms to the highest international standards of language assessment.

IELTS Academic Module is recognized widely as a language requirement for entry to all courses in further and higher education which assesses whether a candidate is ready to study or train in the medium of English at an undergraduate or postgraduste level.

IELTS General Training Module is suitable for candidates who are going to English-speaking countries to complete their secondary education, to undertake training programs or for immigration purposes.

The Test result is published in the form of a report which places candidates on a scale of one to nine according to language ability. There is a score for each of the four modules and also an overall score. IELTS can be taken at test centers in over 100 countries. Test dates are fixed and normally available in Singapore in every second weekend. The listening, reading and writing modules are tested together in one day with the speaking module conducted on a separate day.

All candidates must complete 4 modules:

  • Listening
  • Reading(Academic/General Training)
  • Writing(Academic/General Training)
  • Speaking

The first three modules – Listening, Reading and Writing – must be completed in one day. The Speaking Module may be taken 7 days before or after the other modules.

IELTS Test Structure

Listening 4 sections 40 items 30mins
Reading (Academic/General Training) 3 sections  40 items  60mins
Writing (Academic/General Training) 2 tasks 150 & 250 words per task 60mins

Total test time: 2 hours 45 minutes

What will you learn?
Listening – Academic & General Training
Listen to a number of recorded texts, which increase in difficulty as the test progresses. These include a mixture of monologues & conversations & feature a variety of English accents & dialects.

Reading – Academic Reading
There are 3 reading passages with tasks. Texts are taken from books, magazines, journals and newspapers, all written for a non-specialist audience. At least one of the texts contains a detailed argument.

Reading – General Training
The texts are based on the type of material you would be expected to encounter on a daily basis in an English- speaking country. They are taken from sources such as newspapers, advertisements, instruction manuals & books, & test your ability to understand & use information. It includes one longer text, which is descriptive rather than argumentative

Writing – Academic
For the first task, write a report of around 150 words based on material found in a table or diagram, demonstrating their ability to describe & explain data.
For the second task, write a short essay of around 250 words in response to an opinion or a problem. You are expected to demonstrate an ability to discuss issues, construct an argument & use the appropriate tone & register.

Writing – General Training
The first task requires you to write a letter of around 150 words either asking for information, or explaining a situation.
The second task is a short essay of around 250 words, & is written in response to a given point of view or problem. You are expected to be able to present your own ideas & challenge other ideas, using appropriate tone & register.

Speaking – Academic & General Training
It takes the form of a face to face interview. You are assessed on your use of spoken English to answer short questions, to speak at length on a familiar topic, & also to interact with the teacher.

About IELTS Class
Our IELTS class is a foundation course in IELTS which provides a solid grounding in the key language and skills needed for IELTS success.

  • Our IELTS classes cover both the Academic (for university entrance) and General Papers (for migration).
  • Our IELTS class size is limited to 15 students per class to ensure that all students receive individual attention.
  • Studying in small classes gives out teachers to provide students with comprehensive feedback to ensure thay have every opportunity to maximise their IELTS score.

One-To-One Course
One-To-One Tutoring enables student to:

  • Customise a program specially designed and delivered for your needs
  • Benefit from one-to-one motivational instruction with an expert private tutor
  • Set your own schedule and pace that is within your comfort zone
  • Get realistic practice with full-length IELTS Practice Test experiences
  • The courses comprises of 18 hours of teaching(6 sessions of 3 hours each)
  • It includes home-study materials and lesson books, extra practice and more…

Group Course
Our Group course comprises of:

  • 30 hours of teaching(10 sessions of 3 hours each)
  • Conducted twice a week.
  • It covers all 4 components of the IELTS and we provide unlimited reading, witing, listening and speaking practices.
  • By the end of the course, students will have mastered all the key concepts needed to ace the IELTS.
  • The course includes home-study materials and workbooks and more…
  • New courses start every week with a free Placement Test to assess your current standard.

Our Teaching Approach

  • Our teachers focus on skills development for the reading, listening, writing and speaking modules of the IELTS exam.
  • Teachers give students ample practice in class for all the four skills required in the IELTS examinations by using past exam papers.
  • Lessons are conducted in intensive yet casual and easy to master techniques.
  • Call us now for a tailor-made quality IELTS course with satisfaction guaranteed!

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