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Inspection & Auditing

Health and Safety Inspections and Auditing tools are crucial to the development of safety management systems to demonstrate continuous improvement and serve as inter-business benchmarking.

Auditing promotes the integration of risk control into the culture of the organisation. The conducting of audits in a formalised systematic approach will identify risk exposures, provide an opportunity to specify risk reductions and help to structure long term continual improvements.

Course Objectives
On completion of the course delegates will:

  • Understand the difference between, and the relative importance of, inspections, safety sampling and audits
  • Recognise the growing legal duties for corporate risk reporting
  • Be able to plan an inspection or audit
  • Be able to produce an inspection and audit report

Course Outline

  1. HSES Checklist Development Training (2 days)
    • Introduction
    • Basis of Checklist
    • Concepts of Checklist Development
    • Types of Checklist
    • Factors influencing Checklist development
    • What determines comprehensiveness of Checklist
    • Common failures in use of Checklist
    • Development of Checklist
    • Monitoring of Checklist
    • Assessing effectiveness, efficiency and reliability of Checklist
    • Summary

  2. Effective Inspection (2 days onwards)
    • Introduction
    • Common failures in Inspection
    • Types of Inspection
    • Expectations of an Inspection
    • Inspector’s gadgets
    • Pre-Inspection
    • Site Inspection
    • Post Inspection
    • Report writing strategies
    • Dissemination of Inspection report
    • Follow-up requirements
    • Summary

  3. HSES Auditor Training (4 days)
    • Introduction
    • Manage Audit program
    • Audit System
    • Advise on Legal requirements & Best Practices
    • Industry technical know-how
    • Conduct HSES Management Audit
      • Procedural Factors
      • Engineering Factors
      • Human Factors
    • Report Writing Strategies
    • Corrective & Preventive Actions
    • Follow-up – Tracking, Monitoring & Verification
    • Continual Improvement Strategies


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