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Integrated Marketing Communications (2 Days)

Course Outline
This course is intended to give attendees a very practical insight into the ever changing world of marketing communications and uses examples of best practice together with case studies and practical exercise where delegates can work on their own business issues therefore being able to put theory into practice.

Who should attend
All those responsible for the planning and implementation of an integrated marketing communications plan

Course Objectives

  • Understand the role of each medium
  • Effectively plan an integrated campaign
  • Utilise the appropriate media mix
  • Be able to conduct a communications audit
  • Set a budget for an integrated campaign
  • Understand when to use above vs below the line
  • Evaluate direct vs indirect media

Course Overview

With the rapid growth of new communication methods from video messaging to podcasting and the adoption of digital media we are swamped with many ways of communicating with our customers and prospects. In order that these elements are harnessed to work in harmony we need to fully understand their roles and be able to utilise the most appropriate medium for each message and audience. This constantly changing media landscape means that you need to be fully conversant with the choices available to be able to develop an effective integrated plan.

Key areas to be covered in the programme and documentation

Setting Integrated Marketing Communication objectives

  • The objectives cascade
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • From corporate objectives to communications objectives
  • Objectives set by media type

Developing an integrated media strategy

  • Selecting the appropriate medium
  • The strengths of each medium
  • Cost effectiveness of the media

Media neutral planning

  • The principles of media neutral planning
  • selecting the most suitable medium

Media choice

  • Understanding the media mix
  • Evaluating the media landscape
  • Direct vs indirect media

Above, below and through the line

  • The benefits of above vs below the line
  • Creating a through the line campaign

Budget setting

  • Methods of setting the communications budget
  • Keeping track of competitor spend in different media
Conducting a communications audit
  • The principles of a communications audit
  • Using the appropriate research techniques
  • Feeding the results into future plans

Course Methodology

The course uses a variety of stimuli including case studies, group and individual exercises, tutor input and class discussion. Delegates are also encouraged to bring along and review their own companies marketing communications examples. This mix ensures that each participant can learn at their own pace and in their preferred learning style. Benchmarking with best practices is also used to bring to life the theories and tools.

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