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Making Reading Interactive

The main element of this course is interactive, engaging and practitioners will have the experience tapping all four skills for language learning in the pedagogical context. 


By the end of the course the participants will:

  • Have an introduction to the use of books and oral interaction games
  • Have a springboard for ideas to promote the use of real books and oral language games, to motivate students listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Training Methodology
Understanding Young Learner's  Behaviour (Cognitive and Physical)

Interactive Teaching Methods - Learn how to tap into the hyperactivity of young learners and use it as a positive approach to learning. Get down low, be one of them and earn their trust. Turn their playtime responses into a learning experience. Children learn and retain knowledge best when they are playing.

Teaching with Games - Using games to engage the learners' mind. Promotes: Building Vocabulary in a fun and interactive way, competitive spirit, discussion but mostly - making the learning experience a fun and exciting one.

Story Telling and Acting Out (Drama) - enabling, guiding and nurturing talents. Learn how to get your students to express themselves through, reading to story telling to drama. Shy students will start reading aloud. As they progress along this journey, they will learn to develop a better Vocal Image by using proper stress patterns, Intonation and articulation skills.


The four components comprise:

  1. A bank of games that can be adapted to different themes to promote active listening and confident speaking.
  2. The use of real books as motivation for reading which can then be utilised as a resource for grammar and other written activities.  These are displayed and shared in the sessions.
  3. Techniques to develop proficient reading aloud and speaking skills.
  4. Management techniques to handle more interactive learning activities.

Discussions/activities are crafted into the course so that participants can reflect on what they have learnt and can plan lessons using the skills/knowledge they acquired from the course.


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