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Effective Internet Marketing (2 Days)

Course Outline
It would be no exaggeration to describe the development of the Internet as the greatest communications opportunity since the telephone. The overwhelming majority of organisations are now using the Internet to communicate with their customers, or to generate new customers. The question is now no longer whether to have a website, this is now very much a given, but rather ‘how do we use our website effectively?’ This intensive two-day workshop has been designed to allow you to gain the maximum return from your e-marketing activities by explaining the principles and practices of effective and successful web marketing.

Who should attend
This course is designed for both marketing professionals and non-specialists, who have responsibility for the Internet communications of their organisation.

Course Objectives

  • How to maximise the advantages that the internet offers your business
  • Getting the right concept, content, navigation and design
  • How to integrate your website into your current marketing activities
  • Compiling website briefs and project management plans
  • Building customer relationships online

Course Overview

Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Cost/Benefits; Push-Pull Strategy; Branding; Building Trust.

Internet Marketing Plans
Strategic Planning; Situation Analysis; Customer Analysis; Market and .Product Forces: Pricing Strategy; Product Distribution; Promotion mix.

Discussion Forum Marketing
Mailing Lists; Usenet Newsgroups; Web Based Forums; Promotion Techniques; Targeting Discussion Forums.

Search Engine & Directory Marketing
Differing Search Engines; Search Engine and Directory Liaisons; Getting ‘Top’ Search Result Position; How ‘Not’ to Get Penalised.

Direct Email Marketing
To Spam or Not; Opt-in Direct E-mailing; Promotion Techniques; Email Push.

One-To-One Web Marketing
Site Personalisation; Building Web Site Community; Online Customer Service and Sales.

Viral Marketing
Viral Internet Marketing; Viral Marketing Techniques; Successful Viral Marketing Strategies.

Measuring E-Marketing
Measuring Hits, Measuring User Sensation; Measuring User Click-Paths; Measuring Revenues; Measuring Tools.

Course Methodology
'The course uses a variety of stimuli including case studies, group and individual exercises, tutor input, live access to online examples and class discussion. Exercises involving the individuals search engine optimisation enable delegates to see immediately the results, which can be obtained. This mix ensures that each participant can learn at their own pace and in their preferred learning style. Benchmarking against best practices is also used to bring to life the ever developing area of web marketing.

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