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The Leader as Storyteller™

In his study of leadership, Harvard Professor Howard Gardner found that “the key to leadership … is effective communication of a story.”  Telling stories is more than a folksy way to relate to others.  It is a powerful and persuasive vehicle that top leaders use to get their message across with maximum impact and minimum resistance. Logic, reason, and data lead to conclusions; stories tap emotions and lead to action.  Stories move people.

Today’s most effective leaders know how to use various story templates to communicate their vision, win buy-in for their ideas, transmit values, and inspire their people. 

This one-day workshop is designed to give leaders an appreciation for the power of stories and how to use stories for several important purposes.  Leaders will have a chance to develop their own stories, as well as stories for their company/product/service.  Participants will leave with personal stories to tell so they can begin moving people immediately.

Who Should Attend
Leaders, senior managers, sales managers, lawyers, government officials, public relations and corporate communications officers.

An outstanding leader will use stories to

  • Tell who they are, building credibility and rapport with their listeners
  • Explain what their interests are, to disarm skeptics and build trust
  • Introduce their company and promote their brand
  • Communicate their vision, generating buy-in and inspiring others
  • Drive change
  • Give feedback, motivate, and change behavior, without giving advice or commands 
  • Teach important lessons and communicate key personal and organizational values


  • Presentation/discussion
  • Interactive sessions
  • Story presentations and critiques
  • Video

Workshop Outline
The workshop content is as follows:

  • What is a story?
  • Elements of a story
  • What purposes stories can serve
  • Using stories in business
  • Types of stories: Story templates for leaders:
    • Who I am
    • My company and brand
    • Teaching and sharing knowledge
    • Transmitting values
    • Navigating the shadow organization
    • Future, vision, and change
  • Bringing stories to life
  • Examples of stories in action
  • Crafting and telling your own stories

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