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Leaders for Organizational Revolution (Leading Change)

Course Overview

This course will leave you eagerly anticipating your return to work. You will return with a vengeance, a vision for dramatic change and a revolutionary mindset. You will return to your enterprise with a detailed, customized plan for implementing powerful change.

You will know whom you have to work with, what you have to achieve, what steps you have to take and how you can immediately start a revolution within your organization. LEADERS FOR ORGANIZATIONAL REVOLUTION will be the most life-transforming event in you career.

In a pristine environment of exceptional standards you can surround yourself with some of the region's key decision-makers, whether you're learning or taking a morning stroll along the sandy shores of a resort so beautiful, it has to be seen to be believed.

As you network with business leaders from around the world you will be challenged. You will be tested. Your life will be changed forever. You will be pushed beyond your limits. If you are willing to let your organization wander aimlessly through its existence, stay away! If you do not capitalize on this extraordinary opportunity for incredible transformation you will have missed out on a truly revolutionary experience.

Who should attend

Aspiring politicians and bureaucrats , Celebrities , Company CEO’s and their Senior management , Inspirational Leaders , Public Speakers , Public Relations/ Crisis Management personnel , Senior HRD managers

Course Objectives

  • Develop your memory skills.
  • Develop a complete understanding of the DIRECTIVE COMMUNICATION People Decoding Skills that will help you interact with, and coach superiors and subordinates.
  • Learn to perfect your time management and organizational skills through "Psycho-Productivity".
  • Develop superior coaching skills.
  • Apply strategies ad practices that transform the very heart of your organization for massive measurable and sustained results.
  • Transform your enterprise and your life in a paradise of seclusion, exclusivity and beauty.
  • Master the tools to support, and the ability to create, massive change.
  • Perfect the art of personal branding which will maximize your ability as a leader.
  • Decode the unique and frequently concealed element to ignite passion and commitment within your organization.
  • Improve the efficiency and outcomes of meetings.
  • Learn to understand the people you work with and how you can fully utilize and strengthen these relationships.
  • Accelerate the pace of effective decision-making and master the skills of personal empowerment for revolutionary transformation.
  • Learn US Special Forces Secret (Psyops) Strategies that ignite revolutions in companies
  • AND, most significantly, over the course of the five and a half days you will develop an actual blueprint of exactly how you can transform your organization.

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