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Lean Six Sigma for Service (LSSS) Programme

Course Outline

Day 1

The challenges from Today's services Industry

  • Different types of challenges
  • Lacking element in Existing service management strategy
  • Lean Six Sigma's answer to these challenges

What is Lean - A Detailed Overview

  • Lean and It's evolution from Toyota Production System
  • Lean and Its Continuous Process Improvement Cousins
  • Focus of Lean on Mudas (Wastes)
  • 7 Mudas
  • Pros and Cons of Lean Method
  • Value Stream Management (Value, Non Value Added activities)
What is Six Sigma - A Detailed Overview
  • Why Six and Why Sigma
  • Variation and Six Sigma (Ys and Xs)
  • Various Approaches (DMAIC/DFSS) - When and Why
  • Green Belts, Black Belts .... - What it is all about

Using Lean Six Sigma for Strategic Advantage in Service

  • The ROI of Lean Six Sigma for Service
  • Listen and learn from some Success Stories

Seeing Services Through Your Customers’ Eyes

  • Use of Voice of Customers (VOC)
  • Strategic business decisions
  • Product/service evaluation and design
  • Process improvement and problem-solving
  • Shaping Job Descriptions and Skill Set

Day 2

Lean Tools & Techniques

  • Value stream Tools
  • Flow and Pull Tools
  • Perfection Tools
  • Management Tools

Six Sigma Tools & Techniques

  • 8 QC Tools
  • Other SPC Tools
  • Introduction to DMAIC and using DMAIC to improve Service Processes
  • Introduction to DFSS

Deploying Lean Six Sigma in Service Organisations

  • Phase 1: Readiness Assessment
  • Phase 2: Engagement (Creating Pull)
  • Phase 3 : Mobilisation
  • Phase 4: Performance & Control

Designing World-Class Services using DMEDI

  • Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement

Wrap-up and Award Presentation


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