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Mastering the Art of Communication

The fundamentals of efficient and effective working are, next to excellent control of data currents, planning and prioritizing, being able to communicate clearly. Communication is an essential factor in the success for yourself and your company. Isn't it true that people (like your colleagues) often communicate using few words, leaving much room for (mis-)interpretation. In consequence, agreements are not clear and not met, or co-workers clash, because there is no appreciation for each others point of view.

"Mastering the Art of Communication" programme we examine the fundamentals of clear and result driven communication. We explore your perceptions of your current mode of communication. Then we validate our findings against best practice bench marks, gaining insight into how others relate to these perceptions, and visa versa.. You identify your most effective strategies to immediately improve outcomes through positive verbal and non-verbal communication. You gain the power to get more results, more exactly, more of the time. You will be more effective.

You will have a better understanding of your appearance in the eyes and ears of your colleagues. You will have learned how
to clearly convey your messages, intentions and wishes. You will have a clear picture of how to ensure better understanding
of others. Result: Better team and individual performances through the following drivers:

  • Knowledge of basic communication
  • Better insight of the basics of clear and result driven communication
  • Ask the right question at the right moment
  • Be responsible for your actions with a clear rapport with your environment
  • Recognise, then deal with yours' and other peoples' emotions
  • Make clear agreements with an appreciation of the point of view of others.

The uniqueness and the strength of "Mastering the Art of Communication" Programme is the combination of 1) a personal intake before the training 2) a two-day training and 3) a personal coaching session. Through this combination the programme will be more sustainable and valuable for the organisation and the participants. Don't expect another dose of dry "How to communicate" theory. This programme is very practical, highly enjoyable and interactive. The training programme provides you an opportunity to discover what works and what doesn't about your communication. During the group session, we use different didactic tools. Theory is alternated with individual and group activities. You will be asked to exchange your personal experiences to learn from each other. We facilitate in an entertaining, simple and effective way by using metaphors and situations of every day to reinforce, new work habits and systems and minimize any tendency to regress.

The final content of the workshop is tailored upon the personal intakes and objectives of the organisation. Some topics might
be more in depth discussed and practiced than others. Hereby an overview of the topics discussed:

  • The fundamentals of communication, questioning and underlying assumptions
  • Perceptions of communication - what works and what doesn't work personally
  • Why do we communicate the way we do?
  • How we listen and the impact it has on our communication and its outcomes
  • The principles of result oriented communication
  • Communication within personal boundaries
  • How to deal in difficult situations
  • Influencing others and influencing yourself
  • Assertiveness and how to increase your own assertiveness
  • Principles of communication in groups

The Training Mastering the Art of Communication is suitable for anyone interested in increasing the effectiveness of their
communication. It benefits employees at all levels of the organisation. When possible, we work with groups with a similar background. Then we are able to match the training as closely as possible to the working practice of the participants while focusing on participants' individual objectives and organisational issues


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