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Mastering the Art of Managing Across Cultures & Borders

Managing your own workload is a big challenge for every person working in the professional arena. For people working in a global context, this challenge is even bigger. They deal with complex situations due to languages, time zones, demands from internal and external customers, a constant changing environment and a competitive market. Managing a scattered, multicultural, multi-language or multi-time-zone workforce is a complicated responsibility. The global dimension brings its own challenges in the way you communicate, manage, report, keep control, motivate and commit your team members. Being a manager, your style, techniques, understanding, influence and knowledge is crucial to their success. So there is a need to know how to manage, support, coach and lead these colleagues from a global perspective.

For this group of managers Digne Consult developed the Mastering Across Borders & Cultures Training. It is a practical hands-on training offering many tips & tricks for their daily working life. The following Nine key areas determine the success of a global manager:

GM Matrix
Inter personal
Workload Management
Support System
Energy Management
Social Network
Personal Strength/Style
Leadership & Management
Context of the Organisation

Underneath all areas lies the cross cultural dimension. Issues and solutions of each of these areas are covered in the
training. Participants obtain new perspectives on how they perform and are offered hands-on opportunities for improvement.

Participants learn about issues and solutions of the nine areas and their mutual dependencies. They learn how to address
problems from the different areas. They also learn how their capabilities can be amplified by providing knowledge, skills and different perspectives. Managers who start working across borders or with different cultures get a higher awareness and a better preparation and understanding of what he/she will encounter. Medium and senior global workers will obtain new insights into how to improve the way he/she is dealing with issues right now. Managers will get a better understanding and improve their ability to manage. This training is not a "how to" guide on working in a specific country. It deals with the general aspects of working in an international environment. By attending the training the participants will:

  • Be more engaged,
  • Have higher productivity,
  • Have less attrition,
The effects for the organisation are better business results.

The training consists of 1) a personal intake, 2) a two-day training and 3) a personal coaching session. During the group
session, we use different didactic forms. Theory is altered with individual and group activities. The participants also exchange
personal experiences to learn from each other. We facilitate in an entertaining, simple and effective way by using metaphors
and situations of all day to help people to reinforce the new work habits and systems and minimize the tendency to regress.
When needed, coaching can be extended.

The work form and topics of the workshop is tailored upon the personal intakes and objectives of the organization. Although
all Nine Success areas are reviewed, some topics might be more in depth discussed and practiced than others. Hereby an
overview of some topics discussed:

  • Speeding-up execution
  • Setting up a virtual office
  • Our individual bio rhythm
  • Time differences and the influence on our energy levels
  • Your personality traits
  • The basic rules in virtual communication. Building distant rapport and trust
  • Define the way your environment want to cooperate with you
  • The competencies of a Global Manager
  • Ethics in global management
  • Distant coaching
  • How to overcome isolation

This training is suitable for employees at different levels in the organisation who work with different cultures and across


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