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Mastering the Art of High Impact Prsentation

What might the most common Presentation Skills issues be? The fact is, that for most people, even experienced presenters, getting up and presenting in front of an audience can be a terrifying and even phobic experience. Yes! The number one phobia that most people share is making a presentation; speaking in front of a group of other people: colleagues, strangers, it doesn't seem to matter - it's scary. You may have people who are new to the presentation 'game' and who need to understand just what happens to them when they have to stand and deliver and how they can become confident and effective presenters. You may have people who have been around the presentation block and are in a rut, giving acceptable, but not brilliant presentations. You may have people who have to present detailed and technical information without putting their audience to sleep. Presenting detailed information may be important but if the presenter's audience isn't engaged then they've made their job of putting across information even harder. All of these people could benefit from our confidence-building Mastering the Art of High Impact Presentations Training.

The programme aims to elevate your performance to a new level of excellence. At the end of this programme, you will be
able to:

  • Use performance techniques to give outstanding presentations that don't put the audience to sleep
  • Deliver presentations that engage, energize and dazzle the audience
  • Communicate your message with razor sharp precision
  • Create maximum impact through voice, body language and influential verbal skills
  • Manage your nerves and activate the right mental attitude in an instant
  • Demonstrate confidence

This presentation course consists of 2 days covering the core skills of presenting. Our comprehensive training structure is a combination of 1) personal intake interview 2) pre-course task and goal setting activity and 3) two day.

The core components of the programme are listed below. However, the final content of the programme will be based on the
outcome of the personal intake interviews and tailored to the specific needs of the course participants. The core components
of the programme are:
Know thyself

  • Knowing your presentation strengths and weaknesses
  • How to unblock character traits that interfere with successful delivery.


  • Getting clear on the purpose of your presentation, fine-tuning the message
  • Understanding different language styles
  • Eliminating 'Death by Power Point', through understanding why, when and how to use power point effectively
  • Maintaining audience attention through strategic use of body language, voice modulation and eye contact
  • Understanding how to use dramatic effect, anecdotes and rhetorical questions to create suspense and excitement
  • Understanding how to make deliberate use of the above techniques
  • Expand your repertoire of creative opening and closing techniques

Your Physical Self

  • Voice - warming-up techniques, learning how to project your voice properly without causing damage
  • Breathing - how to control your breath to calm nerves and prevent breathlessness during the presentation
  • Posture - understanding how the right posture makes a difference to confidence levels and charisma

Self management

  • Managing nerves and calming a quivering voice
  • Conveying an aura of confidence even though your legs are shaking
  • Radiating presence and charisma every time to stand up to present
  • Connecting with the audience without feeling besieged

We ask the participants to bring an actual presentation that they are working on or have given recently. They will
immediately apply the new learning to their own presentation.
A 'before and after' recording of each presentation will provide proof of progress.

High Impact Presentations is suitable for employees at all levels in the organisation who give presentations.

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