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Mastering the Art of Supervising

Better team work, stronger colleague relationships, motivated employees, and more efficiency. These are some of the benefits that manager can get from being a master in supervising. You and your employees will be happier. The benefits are profound:
Understand yourself; understand your staff and their attitude, know to differentiate; deal with issues before they do damage; motivate your colleagues to succeed; develop strategies to motivate and so make money through efficiency gains

This training programme teaches in a context that says "you have the talent needed to be a master in supervising". You are taught to reflect on yourself and observe your own feelings and behavior. You will become enthusiastic to use your talent and you will be encouraged to develop great results in supervising your team members.
You learn how to be an effective supervisor by building a trusting relationship with your team members, by being, available, present and caring, and through skilful questions and suggestions, that are inspiring and rigorous. This way you enable the individual to create their own behavioral change.

"Mastering the Art of Supervising" programme combines the learning of supervising skills and talent transformation. All participants will be able to:

  • Build a relationship with a broad range of people;
  • Ask incisive and thoughtful questions;
  • Communicate effectively, from different perspectives and with different thinking styles;
  • Give direct feedback and create the motivation for change;
  • Use linguistic "reframes" that change behaviour;
  • Identify theirs and others talent.

Self Awareness

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How to use your own experience in supervising?
  • What is a supervisor and what is required of a Supervisor?
  • The skills & qualities of a supervisor

Understanding People

  • How employees see work,
  • What Motivates People - motivators & demotivators


  • How to communicate effectively to employees.
  • Getting your message across & getting action
  • How to build rapport
  • Language and supervising

Relationship model

  • Different employees and different attitudes how to handle?
  • How to challenge and modify attitudes?
  • Giving feedback
  • How to deal with different work habits?
  • Handling disagreement & objections
  • Handling disagreements between Employees

"Mastering the Art of Supervising" programme is unique because it offers a powerful of 1) a personal intake before the training 2) a two-day training and 3) a personal coaching session. This recipe is proved to make the training sustainable. During the programme, we use different didactic forms. Theory is altered with individual and group activities. We facilitate in an entertaining, simple and effective way by using metaphors and situations of all day to help people to reinforce the new work habits and systems and minimize the tendency to regress.


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