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Mastering the Art of Time
Based on the Proficiency Principles

Is it difficult for you to work in a planned way, in peace, with a sense of satisfaction?
Is this because of your working environment?
Is this because of the volume and content of the work?
Does the problem lie in your personality or your resistance to stress?
Does the problem come from working methods?
Does the problem centre itself in the culture of your organisation?

Proficiency® means getting a better grip on your own working and behaviour styles. The way you work is rooted in your personality.
By getting a better understanding of who you are and how it influences your working style, it will be easier for you to achieve your
Time Management goals. Your overal effectiviness and productivity will increase after this training.
This course covers a number of practical issues concerning your working methods, and above all, challenges you to investigate how
much you can influence your own work on all fronts. It helps you to develop skills and working behaviour to adopt a new way of
working. In the training the following competencies are developed: workflow management, planning/prioritizing, personal style, communication and cooperation.

This training results in:

  • Better insight in your behaviour, task, time and energy management.
  • How to reach your goals in less time.
  • Being able to plan more result focused.
  • Managing the influencers of stress and how to redirect them.
  • Practicing open communication and how to say "No" in a "Yes" manner.
  • Maintaining course in times of significant change.

We engage motivational methods such as discussions, role-play and a hands-on approach to learning. We provide the opportunity to challenge participant's potential and elevate the strengths of every individual.
We ask participants (if possible) to bring their laptops. This way participants can implement what they have learned about improving their digital work environment there and then.


  • Behavioural types
  • Increasing self-insight
  • MAC principle: 'Make A Choice' with 5 options
  • Work flow management
  • Information, e-mail and document management
  • Filling systems
  • Result based working


  • Setting priorities - multi tasking
  • Planning: managing Tasks and Time
  • Communicating personal boundaries
  • Giving and receiving assignments
  • Improving co-operation with colleagues
  • Influence on environment and organisation
  • Work-life balance

'Mastering the Art of Time Management' programme is unique because it offers a powerful of 1) a personal intake before the training 2) a two-day training and 3) a personal coaching session. This recipe is proved to make the training sustainable. During the programme, we use different didactic forms. Theory is altered with individual and group activities. We facilitate in an entertaining, simple and effective way by using metaphors and situations of all day to help people to reinforce the new work habits and systems and minimize the tendency to regress.

All participants will receive, in addition to the course workbook (loaded with the extra exercises and reading material), the PROFICIENCY TRAINING Book.

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