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Opening Doors of Communications

At the end of the workshop, your participants will:

  • Understand the importance of basic communication skills
  • Have increased self knowledge about their current communication skills
  • Learn about the power of body language, listening, questioning skills, words to avoid and use to enhance their ability to communicate effectively
  • Demonstrate proficient use of basic communication skills in the class
  • Enhanced their people and conversational skills to communicate better and build better rapport with peers, supervisors and customers
  • Pick up techniques and skills to defuse potentially explosive situations so cordial relationships with peers and supervisors can be maintained


  • Highly interactive; you will learn via powerpoint, role-plays, demonstrations and quizzes
  • Highly practical and hands-on; content is always current and techniques are taught such that you walk away with the ‘how to…’
  • Loads of fun as we strongly believe that learning through fun results in better internalisation and a better catalyst for attitudinal shift leading to long-term behavioural change
  • Customised according to your industry for better relevance to the participants’ area of work
  • Highly recommended by our existing and past clients


  1. The Communication Process
    • Understanding the Communication Process
    • Verbal and Non-verbal Communications
    • Eye-contact
    • The Tone of your Voice
    • Articulation
    • Rate of Speech
    • Activity 1 – Exercise on Tone of Voice and Rate of Speech
  2. The Seven Barriers of Communication
    • Activity 2 – Exercise on Barriers of Communication
    • Activity 3 – Identifying Communication Barriers
    • Body Language – Using this Non-Verbal Communicative Skill Positively
    • Open and Closed Body Language
    • Using the Right Body Language to Bring Across A Specific Message or Idea to the Other Party
    • Appropriate Body Language at Work
    • Activity 4 – Practice the Use of Body Languages
    • Activity 5 – Identifying the Right Body Language at Work
  3. Seven Tips to Enhance your Listening Skills
    • Activity 6 – Exercise on Listening Skills
  4. Techniques to Improve your Questioning skills
    • Activity 7 – Exercise on Questioning Techniques
  5. The Caring Responses
    • Techniques to Further Build Rapport
    • More Techniques to Ensure Message Clarity and Understanding
    • Summary
    • Reflection
    • Paraphrasing
    • Activity 8 – Identifying the Different Caring Responses
    • Activity 9 – Practice on Caring Responses
    • Activity 10 – Exercise on Summary and Paraphrasing
  6. The Dirty Dozen – Twelve Phrases We Shouldn’t Use in Our Workplace
    • Activity 11 – Exercise on The Dirty Dozen

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