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Partnering Your Boss At Work (2 days)

In this intensive, two-day workshop participants will learn how to apply key interpersonal and communications skills at work so as to enhance their working relationship with their boss. 

Participants will learn skills for identifying and handling difficult people and situations while maintaining and improving relationships.  They will learn when they cannot change others and need to change their mindset instead.  Participants will also learn a variety of techniques to persuade others in written proposals, formal presentations, and face-to-face conversations. 

Most of us do not do everything we would like to do, and complain that there simply is not enough time.  We all have twenty-four hours in each day, yet we all know of people who are highly productive.  We can learn to accomplish more by harnessing the power of flow, and balance work and family demands.

This workshop is suitable for new managers, supervisors, and developing leaders.

Programme Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles of communication
  • Learn how to talk to superiors
  • Identify the four behavioral styles and how to communicate with each
  • Learn how to handle criticism and feedback
  • Learn to adapt your mindset and reframe when dealing a demanding boss
  • Manage stress and maintain work-life balance
  • Recognize common time wasters and learn how to overcome them
  • Understand the concept of the time management matrix
  • Learn how to focus and harness the power of flow states
  • Master a variety of techniques to persuade others in everyday situations

Training Methodology

  • Lecture/discussion
  • Interactive sessions
  • Case studies
  • Group work
  • Role plays
  • Video

Programme Outline

  • Introduction
    • Fundamental principles of communication
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities and Styles
    • The Four Behavioral Styles
      • Recognizing the four styles
      • Working with the four styles
    • You can’t change your boss – reframing and adapting your mindset
  • Talking to Your Boss
    • How to talk to superiors
    • Raising sensitive issues
    • Dealing with differences
      • Blending and chunking up
    • Dealing with criticism and feedback
  • Working with the Clock  
    • The Dirty Dozen – the top 12 time wasters 
    • Maximizing vs. satisficing
    • The time management matrix
    • Handling interruptions
    • Harnessing the power of “Flow”
  • Managing Stress
    • Responding positively to stress
    • Sources of stress—and consequences
    • Personality, lifestyle and stress 
    • How to say “No”
    • Putting your life in balance
  • Persuading Others
    • Three Elements of Persuasion: Logic, Credibility, and Passion
      • “Powerful Ways to Persuade People” – video
    • Powerful Persuasion Techniques
      • Organizing your main ideas
      • Framing alternatives
      • Bonding
      • Power words
      • Persuasive words and concepts
      • Active and passive voice
      • Pictures and stories

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