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Psycho-Geometrics For Sales Professionals

Course Overview

Psycho – Geometrics™: The science of understanding people and the art of communicating with them.

How well do you understand yourself?
How well do you understand your spouse, siblings, friends, colleagues – people you interact with everyday?

Psycho – Geometrics™ is a practical tool to help you understand your dominant behavioral “shapes” and learning to identify the “shapes” of those significant others in your life. Speed reading them through observation and reading their body language is not only fun and interesting but very rewarding as well – we learn to communicate better through the art of “shape flexing.”

If you are a sales or marketing professional, this tool can help you open up more prospects and close more sales. If you need to serve, it helps you “size–up” customers with a snap-of-the-finger. You will learn to respond favourably to angry, difficult or unreasonable customers. In group dynamics, you learn to identify the strengths and potential of each person in the group.

As a secretary, you learn to understand and serve your superior/s better. As a teacher, lecturer or trainer, you’ll learn how to connect with your students. As an employer, you’ll know what makes each employee “Tick.” As a parent, you can learn to maximize your children’s potential!

You’ll understand why you could get along so easily with some people but “cannot stand” others. You’ll learn to control the outcome of each relationship you build.

Psycho – Geometrics™ will help you build long – lasting and meaningful relationships. And make people like you by nurturing the charisma in you! You will become irresistible in the eyes of your loved ones!

This Seminar Will Help You:

  • Understand Your Own Personality Traits with Amazing Results.
  • So That You Could Understand The Personality Traits Of Those You Relate With More Easily.
  • Learn What Makes A Person “Tick,” Especially If He/She Is That Special Someone ... Your Boss, Sub-Ordinates Or Your Prospects/Clients.
  • Know Why You Could Get Along So Well With Some People; But “Cannot Stand” Others.
  • Decide How To Make This Your Ideal Job,According To Your Dominant Psychological Shape/s.
  • Decide Whether You Make A Good Entrepreneur Or Technopreneur.
  • Realise The Difference Between A Job And A Career.

Training Methodology

  • A Very Interactive Experience!
  • Participants Are Normally Highly Inspired To Have 2-Way Communication With the Trainer.
  • Personal Stories/Anecdotes Will Be Shared.
  • Be Prepared To Ask MANY Questions ... To Derive Maximum Benefits!

Course Content

    • Human Character Vs Human Behaviour.
    • Self-Assessment Exercise – Establishing My Dominant Shapes.
    • Using Your Whole Head.
    • The Art Of Shape – Flexing.
    • Flexing To Your Prospects/Clients.
    • A Flexing Economy.
    • Flexing With The Times.
    • Conclusion

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