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Construction Project Estimating

This seminar presents the basics of construction cost estimating for construction projects. Emphasis is placed on developing realistic costs and estimating techniques and procedures.


  • Understand the mechanics of construction cost estimating
  • Know the various estimating techniques strategies
  • Know techniques for preparing unit price estimates
  • Know the factors and accuracy of conceptual estimates

The seminar employs a variety of techniques, including lecture, hands on exercises and group discussions


  • Improved estimates
  • Increased accuracy of estimates
  • Choosing appropriate methodologies


  • Develop confidence in using various estimating techniques
  • Learn new skills and knowledge to help advance career


  • Understand the various estimating requirements for conceptual vs. hard bid estimates
  • Know which estimating approaches are appropriate for different construction delivery systems (design-build, lump sum, unit price, etc.)

Who Should Attend?
This seminar is designed for civil engineers and design engineers, consulting engineers and project managers, construction contractors and constructors, project estimators, owner’s representatives for civil engineering infrastructure projects, contract managers, cost engineers, construction superintendents, regulatory agency project managers, and value engineering program managers.


  1. Costs Associated with Constructed Facilities
  2. Approaches to Cost Estimation
    1. Production function
    2. Empirical cost inference
    3. Unit costs for bill of quantities
    4. Allocation of joint costs.
  3. Types of Construction Cost Estimates
    1. Design Estimates
    2. Bid Estimates
  4. Unit Cost Method of Estimation
    1. Hierarchy of Estimates
      1. Preliminary Estimates.
      2. Detailed Estimates.
      3. Engineer's Estimates.
    2. Unit cost method hierarchy
      1. Subcontractor Quotations.
      2. Quantity Takeoffs.
      3. Construction Procedures.
  5. Factored Estimates
  6. Estimates Based on Labor, Material and Equipment
  7. Methods for Allocation of Joint Costs
  8. Historical Cost Data
  9. Applications of Cost Indices to Estimating
  10. Estimate Based on Engineer's List of Quantities
  11. Allocation of Construction Costs Over Time
  12. Computer Aided Cost Estimation
  13. Estimation of Operating Costs

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