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Professional Excellence for Today’s Marketplace

Course Outline
Research shows that 93% of first impressions is made based on the way you look and the way you walk.

Dated hairstyles, sloppy attire and limp hand-shakes, lack of consideration amongst others can negatively affect one’s opportunity during interviews and business relationships.

You may be a fresh graduate or young professionals but there is no better time than now to learn how to project yourself professionally. Make your image communicate success for you now than to learn from costly mistakes down your career path.

‘Professional Excellence’ workshop will empower you with practical skills that can help make you be more confident, self-assured and ready to compete successfully in today's competitive business world. You will master the skills to dress like a polished executive as well as learn conversational and personal skills that are critical for personal and professional success.

Who should attend
Young professionals, graduating students and anyone who wants to achieve professional excellence to gain a leading edge and stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.

What you will receive?

  • More attention as this is a class for up to 25 persons only
  • Capsule wardrobe plan to build an effective Professional Wardrobe
  • Personalised Colour Swatch for effective shopping worth $60
  • $20 Image Mastery Voucher

Course Overview
Part 1 – Dress Sense

1. Leaving positive First Impressions

  • Importance of image and how it plays a critical role in business
  • Beware of Image Destroyers
  • How to stand, sit and present yourself confidently

2. Cultivating a Business Style

  • The role of Colours in Professional Dressing
  • How to mix and match colours to create impact in your dressing
  • Learn how to choose hairstyles, glasses, accessories to complement your face shape
  • Capsule wardrobe – building a career wardrobe
  • Learn to select flattering style for your body type (Women)
  • Learn guidelines on jacket suits, shirts, ties & accessories (Men)

Part 2 – Corporate Etiquette

  • Social Graces vs Business Etiquette
  • Handshakes and business card protocol
  • Proper ways of making introductions and greetings in formal and informal settings
  • Effective Business Networking
  • Learn how to establish rapport and converse  intelligently with others
  • Understanding and using body language positively

5. Professional Behavior

  • The ‘Magnificent Seven’ – Principals of Professional Behaviour
  • The ‘Dirty Dozen” - twelve taboo phrases in the workplace

6. Business Dining Etiquette

  • Western Dining table layouts & etiquette
  • Handling your silverware & styles of eating
  • Reading the menu; understand terms like ‘aperitif’ and ‘entrée’ etc.
  • Demonstrations on how to eat salads, spaghetti & de-shell prawns without using fingers

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