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Shaping Your Life, Shaping Your Future, Shaping Your Success

Course Overview

What do you think is the key to a successful LIFE as well as CAREER?
Is it your Paper Qualifications?
Is it your Intelligence Quotient (IQ)?
Is it your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?
Is it even your Experience?
Or is it just plain Hard Work?
The answer is – it’s a COMBINATION of all these.

But the vital link to this combination lock is the ability to COMMUNICATE them!
What makes you stand out from among the crowd of hard working and intelligent people – with or without degrees, is … your ability to get along with people at ALL levels.

This course equips you with first understanding Yourself, then Others at work, including Friends, Relatives and Loved Ones. You will be amazed at how accurately you could read yourself and others like a book! “Judging the books by their covers and never regretting them!"

Course Objectives

Are You The No.1 In The Eyes Of Those Who Mean A Lot To You? Your Spouse, Your Children, Your Siblings, Your In-Laws, Your Friends, Your Boss/es, Your Sub-Ordinates, Your Peers And Your Clients?

In Your Profession, Are You Respected Or Seen As Being The No.1? It's Different From Being The Best.

Learn How To:
Project Confidence, Credibility, Sincerity, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Professionalism And A Positive Attitude – Being No.1!!

This Seminar Will Help You:

  • Discover The What, Why, And How To Be No.1. And Realise That Nobody Remembers The No.2!!
  • Understand The Difference Between Positive Thinking And Positive Believing.
  • Realise That We Are Born Champions!
  • Realise That We Are Multi-Talented And That Success Is An Art!!

Course Contents

  • Helps you identify and understand your Own personality traits.
  • Helps you  identify and understand the personality traits of Those You Relate With more easily.
  • Learn what makes a person "TICK," especially if he/she is someone important to you – your Superior, Sub-ordinate, Peer or Client.
  • Know why you could Get Along So Well with some people ; but "Cannot Stand" others.
  • Learn the art of "Shape Flexing."
  • Discovering Yours as well as Your Company's Dominant Shape.
  • Learn how to maximise your relationships with Superiors as well as Sub-ordinates.
  • The difference between Managing and Leading. (Triangle Or Circle?)
  • The difference between Asking and Telling. (Box Or Triangle?)
  • Using the Card Analogy In Asking The Right Questions = The Right Answers.
  • Customer Service - how to satisfy Every Customer (Internal & External), by applying the art of Shape Flexing.”
  • Sales - how to Increase Your Closing Ratio by Flexing to your prospect.

Training Methodology

A highly interactive course with games, props, anecdotes, analogies, group discussions and role-plays. Trainer is also known to be highly entertaining, so be prepared to enjoy yourself with lots of laughter! Participants are normally inspired to have 2-way communication with the trainer. As course is highly enlightening, be prepared to ask trainer many questions … to derive maximum benefits!

Who Should Attend

Managers, executives, engineers, officers, supervisors, sales, marketing and customer service professionals. And anyone who needs to work with people.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • What Is Psycho-Geometrics
    •  The Birth Of Psycho-Geometrics™.
    •  Human Character Vs Human Behaviour.
    •  Self-Assessment Exercise.
    •  Introduction Of The 5 Shapes.
    •  Determining Your Shape Combo.
    •  Determining Your Company’s Dominant Shape.

  • How To Use Psycho-Geometrics
    • The Art Of Shape-Flexing.

  • Communicating Differences Between Men And Women

  • Psycho – GeometricsTM As A Tool For Effective Leadership
    • Managing Vs Leading(Triangle Or Circle?)
    •  Inspiration Vs Motivation
    •  Asking Vs Telling (Box Or Circle?)
    •  Asking The Right Questions = Right Answers.

  • Psycho – GeometricsTM In Customer Service and Selling
    •  How To Satisfying Every Customer!
    •  Applying The Psychology Of Customer Satisfaction.
    •  Selling - Flexing To Your Prospects And Increase Your Closing Ratio!

  • Question  And Answer Session

  • Conclusion!!


Day 2 - THE NO.1 YOU!!

  • Identifying The No.1s

  • Learning From The No.1s
    • The Difference Between Being The No.1 And Being The Best.
    • Why Not Settle For Less?
    • Positive Thinking Vs Positive Believing.

  • We Are Born Champions – A Biological Fact!!

  • Multi – Talented: Who Me? Yes, You!!

  • YOU – The EpitomeOf Success!!

  • Question And Answer Session

  • Conclusion


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