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Success Skills for Teens & Young Adults

Course Overview

Creating Life Skills Success from inside out! Unleash your confidence and abilities and master strategies for academic or career success. Develop the correct mindset and let your academic grades or career achievements soar.

Asian LifeSkills is dedicated to your personal and academic/career success. If you are in your TEENS (age 13 – 17 years) and YOUNG ADULTS (age 18 – 29 years), this programme is for YOU! Our classes help both teens and young adults to excel both inside & outside the classroom/workplace.

Asian LifeSkills empowers you with SUCCESS SKILLS, a phenomenon that takes place in people’s lives when their personal interaction with the world transforms to radiance!

Over at Asian LifeSkills, you will experience a transformation, a shift in you as a person. You will be more aware and awake in your life. You will be more “in touch” with your dreams and have the confidence and intention to make them real. Experience SUCCESS SKILLS with Asian LifeSkills, a meaningful success, a whole-life success! Let us provide you with lifelong learning that inspires and transforms.

You will get, NOT ONE but a team of industrial experts, each specialising in the respective Life Skills topics, bringing you the best results. Our dynamic facilitators combine explosive and effective methods of coaching, accelerating your success into one approach that will get you moving.

Let our trainers detoxify your thoughts. Learn how to create a life plan that will move you towards achieving the goals you have set in life. Experience this programme at its best and Be the Leader of Tomorrow!

Course Outline

Believe In Yourself

  • Build your self-esteem by recognising that YOU ARE UNIQUE; a key ingredient for success
  • What it means to be No. 1!
  • Positive Thinking to a good head-start and Positive Believing to a greater success
  • Uncovering your magnetic personality and using it to your advantage
  • Knowing the importance of both EQ and IQ

Take Charge Of Your Life

  • Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. Acquire the Sacred Art of Listening
  • Power of Effective Communication Skills
  • Identify your Vision and Directions by discovering the life plan
  • Discover the secret pleasures of health and mental wellness
  • Dress for Success and make an impact to create the Good Impression!
  • Learn the crucial aspects of $$$ and take control by knowing the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’

Team building/Social Networking

  • Essence of Ego-centrix and I-centeredness to create team/social awareness
  • Team/Social leverage and synergy
  • Increase your understanding of various cultural dimensions for better relationships
  • Give your mind a double-hemisphere and learn the flexibility to stretch you further
  • Having fun with social media


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