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Teambuilding + Communication + Grooming Skills (TCGS) @ Melaka, Malaysia & Singapore

This program, TCGS includes all the essential skills successful management staff in the new global economy.  Having recognized the major flaws that those in management face, TCGS is designed to level up oneself to not only rise to the challenge, but to overcome it.   
Being able to foster strong team bonds and build better teams is the edge required for anyone holding management positions.  Coupled with sound communication capabilities, the person in the management position is not only able to transmit his/her ideas and feedback effectively to his/her superiors but able to motivate and lead his/her team more efficiently.  The final touch of proper grooming know-how, will lend him/her the advantage to appear confident in the various scenarios that he/she will be placed in. 

TCGS is the 1st program in Asia that has trainings conducted on land and sea and across two Asian countries.

Course Objectives

  • Builds effective teams and empowers community
  • Promotes creativity and “can-do” mindset
  • Opens minds to new ideas
  • Promotes self-confidence by removing fear
  • Promotes the concept of “teaching-without-teaching”
  • Facilitates communication – listening skills and body language
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Master the art of small talk
  • Enhance first impressions
  • Impress with professional etiquette
  • Enhances wellness and health
  • Helps reduce stress and release negative energy

About Asian LifeSkills

Asian LifeSkills is a learning community hub ( for people from all walks of life in Asia.  We offer more than 50 courses of skills training and higher education to corporate, youth and social groups.  We also provide consultancy services and organize camps and events.

At Asian LifeSkills, we select and present our courses with passion and purpose.  Our passion is training and education, and our purpose is to awaken in our members a sense of the New Asian identity, and of each individual’s privilege to live a more meaningful life. 

With its head office in Singapore, Asian LifeSkills has branches in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

TCGS Synopsis
The wonderful thing about our teambuilding workshop is that it contains many metaphors for learning through self-discovery.  Our drumming activities and Corporate Soldiers ™ programme that uses Outdoor Laser Tagging, through the many experiential metaphors, provokes learning related to teambuilding, leadership, business strategy, decision-making, planning and execution, delegation, communication, and motivation. 

During teambuilding sessions, participants will realise that the best way to win the game is to work in small teams. The team has to decide on a strategy and each participant has to perform his or her part to complete the mission’s objectives.  Every individual plays an important role in this game as this is a team event and team scores will be tracked.  The winning team shall be rewarded as a team as well, reinforcing the culture of achievement of corporate objectives through teams.

In our communication workshop participants will learn how to persuade people at work.  They will learn how to project a powerful first impression that will impress from the get-go.  They will learn to distinguish different types of influence and how to maximize their own influence.  Finally, participants will learn a variety of techniques to persuade others in written proposals, formal presentations, and face-to-face conversations. 

The aim of our grooming workshop is to heighten participants’ awareness on the power of their image and enhance their grooming skills so they always look sharp and chic.  Participants will sharpened their etiquette intelligence and be empowered with hosting, ushering and networking skills so they know what to do and what to say at all times to project a winning image to be a confident manager.

Training Venues & Places of Attractions

TCGS will be conducted at a green forest resort of Venues Asia @ Alor Gajah, Melaka and onboard one of the largest yacht for training in Singapore.



TCGS will be conducted over a period of 6 days.
Dates are to be arranged by the client.

At the end of TCGS, each participant will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion from Asian LifeSkills.


Day 1 – Participants arrive at airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and proceed to the resort in Melaka via coach for a Welcome Dinner. 
Day 2 – The teambuilding workshop will take place, followed by a tour of the Melaka town in the afternoon and evening. 
Day 3 – Participants depart the resort and head to Singapore via coach. 
Day 4 – Communication and grooming workshops will be held on board one of the largest yacht for training in Singapore. 
Day 5 – City tour and visit places of attractions in Singapore.
Day 6 – Farewell Lunch.  Participants depart Singapore.


Participants will stay at the resort of Venues Asia @ Alor Gajah in Melaka and a four/five star hotel in the Orchard road of Singapore.


All land and sea transport will be arranged for the participants.  Air tickets can be arranged by our associate travel agency upon request.


Meals will be provided for the 6 days except the dinners on Days 2 & 5. 


Participants are advised to have their own insurance.  Travel insurance will be provided upon request.

Total Fees

S$1,680 per participant (minimum 15 participants)
(fees exclude air tickets & travel insurance)

For enquiries or to make bookings, pls contact: or Jason (65) 8168 4882.

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