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Experiencial Learning for Teambuilding

Learn How To:

  • Run a teambuilding workshop
  • Apply practical tools to help your clients
  • Acquire facilitation skills for team learning
  • Use experiential learning ( EL ) in creating great teams
  • Market teambuilding programmes
  • Understanding the Return-on-Investment from teambuilding

In an intensive, hands-on workshop

Who Should Attend:

Learning and development staff, independent trainers, facilitators, change management consultants, corporate coaches, teachers, HR leaders.

This workshop is designed in equipping trainers, facilitators , coaches, HR managers and team leaders with:

  • productive facilitation skills
  • skills in experiential learning methodology, with focus on game, and team challenge-based activities
  • skills in designing and framing a teambuilding workshop
  • skills in tracking and managing a teambuilding programme
  • skills in producing desired outcomes for team growth and behaviours in an organisation

NB: There will be a certification assessment at the end of the programme which you must pass in order to receive the Certificate in Experiential Learning ( Teambuilding ). David Lim will be the prime facilitator, though other qualified lead trainers from EMT may be used for certain segments of your programme

Day 1

  • Introduction to the CELT programme
  • The facilitator’s role, how to facilitate
  • Facilitator competencies
  • Introduction to experiential learning theory
  • Team concepts and teambuilding vs. teambonding
  • Conducting and designing an experiential learning programme
  • Preamble, expectation setting, first words, energisers
  • Learning from four team activities
  • Execution of activity, tracking behaviours
  • Situational awareness, diversity issues, safety aspects
Day 2
  • Recap of Day 1 learning
  • Execution of three teambuilding activities, practising debriefing
  • Bringing programmes to closure
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Troubleshooting
  • Return-on-Investment issues on teambuilding
  • Teambuilding as an adjunct tool for a training consultancy or practice
  • Planning a team-building activity ( in pairs )
  • Practical application of skills from Day 1
  • Design activity, demonstration of skill by participants
  • Final scoring of assessments, issuing of certificates

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